Education Committee

Investigate and recommend ways that library schools can train, educate, and prepare Library and Information Science (LIS) students to better understand, evaluate, assess, implement, and advocate for services, collections, and programming needs of Latino and Spanish speaking communities. Activities of the committee may include:

1. Developing and maintaining informational materials about REFORMA activities and opportunities targeted to LIS student
2. Suggesting core competencies for LIS education that will educate LIS students about the diverse needs of Latinos and Spanish speaking communities. These could be focused on the need to survey and plan cultural and linguistically appropriate services for public, academic, and K-12 libraries as part of their future library’s core mission
3. Working with student chapters/associations and other ALA committees to help promote the need for cultural and linguistically appropriate services for Latinos and Spanish speaking communities

Goals and Objectives:

  • Goal 1: Establish a Reforma Education committee presence on website
  • Goal 2: Develop relationships with LIS programs and REFORMA National
  • Goal 3: Help REFORMA Chapters create working relationships with LIS programs in their area
  • Goal 4: Establish relationships with the ALA Committee on Education
  • Goal 5: Research the # of Latino/Hispanic students in LIS Schools and determine if this group could take responsibility for compiling/sharing these numbers on a yearly basis.


Dr. Michele A. L. Villagran, Chair,
Denise Adkins,
Kathy DeWeese,
Monica Lopez,
Alicia Martinez,
Dr. Ana Ndumu,
Elizabeth Borges Ocasio,

Get Involved
Volunteer applications for REFORMA national committees are accepted from February 1 - April 15 for service the following committee term, which begins July. Vist for more information and a link to the volunteer form.