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Recruitment and Mentoring Committee

1. Develop partnerships with educational institutions to cooperate with recruitment programs/efforts.
2. Work with the Education Committee to promote library and information science as a viable profession to Latinos and the Spanish speaking.
3. Develop materials and programs to serve as recruitment tools (for example, brochures, videos, a speaker's bureau, workshops, etc.).
4. Seek out grants to develop recruitment programs.
5. Oversee or conduct research into recruitment issues as necessary.

1. Recruit Latino MLS students, ALA Spectrum Scholars, REFORMA Scholars and Librarians working with the Latino communities for the mentoring program. Work closely with the ALA Spectrum office, the REFORMA Scholarship Committee and the Children's and Young Adult Services Committee to accomplish this task.
2. Recruit and provide a pool of experienced REFORMA librarians as potential mentors.
3. Develop mentoring teams by October 31 of every year.
4. Produce and disseminate PR/Media materials to REFORMA membership, Latino Spectrum Scholars, REFORMA Scholars through REFORMA's newsletter, website, REFORMAnet, and ALA Public Relations office.
5. Disseminate Mentor Application forms to REFORMA librarians by August 31 of every year.
6. Disseminate Protege Application forms to Latino Spectrum Scholars, REFORMA Scholarship recipients and librarians by August 31 of every year.
7. Match and notify all mentoring teams and distribute PR announcements.
8. Send out Orientation Packets to all mentoring teams.
9. Communicate with mentoring teams throughout the process to assess the mentoring teams' needs.
10. Evaluate the program and get feedback from participants on a yearly basis.


Minerva Alaniz 

Antonio Apodaca
Makerspace Librarian -Ventura County Library

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