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Oscar Baeza Statement


Oscar BaezaMy involvement with Reforma stretches back to 2008 when I volunteered and assisted with the Reforma National Conference in El Paso, TX. Then I learned about the greatness of this association and have since worked to uphold the vision of the organization. On a national level, I have served as Reforma’s Nomination Committee Chair (2009 & 2011), and currently serve as Chapter Representative (2012-2015). At a local level, I am the current president of the El Paso Chapter. The experience I gained from Reforma has elevated me to other positions and honors. I was proud to moderate the workshop “Reforma and Tomorrow’s Leaders” at the Reforma National Conference IV in Denver, Co. 2011. In 2012, at ALA’s Annual Conference in Anaheim, Ca. I was also thrilled to moderate the Reforma President’s Program “Leadership is an Urgency.” My dedication to Reforma have earned me a positive reputation of which I am proud. In 2013, I was given one of the most prestigious awards Reforma offers, the Dr. Arnulfo D. Trejo Librarian of the Year Award. An award I cherish and look at every day when I enter my office. The award reminds me that the work in our profession is never done. And therefore, I have continued my work advocating for Latinas/os in the library profession and recently contracted with the Association of College and Research Libraries as a co-author for a book on leadership.

The position of Reforma president calls for leadership, communication, and organization skills; most important though, it calls for a passion to lead and move this organization forward. All of Reforma presidents have represented our organization with pride and integrity. Every single one of them has left something precious for us to learn and build on, in order to continue the vision of our founders. There is the hope that Latina/o’s can one day walk among this country without fearing what some might say because of the accent that breathes in their tongues or the color that glazes over their skin. As is the hope that their last name may not carry a burden, but be gladly accepted as all other names. And the hope that our immigrant parents, may be seen as Americans and not a sub-class of occasional labor. These hopes have never died and today we continue to fight for them, so one day these hopes can be turned into reality. I make no promises to what my presidency, if elected, will accomplish. But I will assure that I will rest at night praying for the future of Reforma and wake in the morning thinking on how we can turn our hopes into certainty. On my website you will find initiatives that I wish to put forward if elected as your next president. Please visit http://reformabaeza.wix.com/ob4president for more information.

I have dedicated my career to the advancement of Latinas/os and wish to continue working in this capacity. Therefore, I humbly ask for your support for Reforma National President.

Thank you

Oscar Baeza