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REFORMA Mentoring Program


To provide mentoring relationships for ALA Latino Spectrum Scholars, REFORMA MLS Scholarship recipients and Librarians working with the Latino communities with seasoned REFORMA librarians.

To develop and maintain a pool of Latino librarians, and to help non-Latino librarians to become familiar and confident in providing library services to the Latino population.

To develop protégés to be successful in their MLS graduate programs; to be marketable, self-confident in the library work environment; to become more knowledgeable about the library field and library opportunities; and to assist them in their job searches.

To assist librarian protégés in their quest to serve the Latino communities in developing services and programs that fit the needs of their communities.

To share this Mentoring Program design with all other ALA Ethnic Caucuses encouraging them to develop similar programs.


To recruit ALA Latino Spectrum Scholars, REFORMA MLS Scholarship recipients and Librarians working with the Latino communities [protégés] for the mentoring program.

To recruit and provide a pool of experienced REFORMA librarians as potential mentors. To develop REFORMA mentoring teams.




Produce/disseminate PR/Media materials to REFORMA Membership, ALA and ethnic caucuses.
By August of every year

Obtain the list of newly-selected Latino ALA Spectrum Scholars from the ALA Diversity Officer including their mailing addresses and MLS institution.

Obtain the list of the newly-selected REFORMA Scholarship recipients from the REFORMA Scholarship Committee including their mailing addresses and MLS institution.

Obtain a list of librarians from the REFORMA Children and Youth Services Committee.

June-September of every year

Disseminate Mentor Application forms to REFORMA librarians with application deadline of October 15.

Disseminate Protégé Application forms to Latino Spectrum scholars, REFORMA Scholarship recipients, and Librarians with application deadline of October 15.

By December 31 of every year

All mentoring teams are matched and officially notified. PR announcements distributed.

By December 15 of every year

Orientation Packets will be sent out after official notification. That will be the official start of the mentoring teams

*** Succeeding cycles begin February of each year.




Participation is voluntary for both mentor and protégé. The REFORMA Mentoring Committee will match mentors and protégé.

The Committee will attempt to match participants by geographic proximity, when possible.
Participants may request a specific mentoring partner; the Committee will try to accommodate such requests. These requests will also be kept confidential.

REFORMA will be the supporting organization for the Mentoring Program.

If either party feels there has been a mismatch, the Committee will resolve the situation.

Mentors and Protégés

While participation is voluntary, at least a two-year commitment is expected of all parties.

The frequency of contacts is determined by the participants, but at least monthly contact is strongly suggested. Contact can include, but is not limited to, email correspondence, phone calls, meetings at conferences where mentor/protégé are attending, et cetera.

When geographically possible, mentors are encouraged to invite/meet protégé at professional meetings, conferences, and workshops. (This constitutes no financial obligation for mentors)

To make the best possible match, mentors and protégés must fill out the program applications.

Protégés must be Latino MLS students, ALA Latino Spectrum Scholars, REFORMA scholarship recipients or Librarians working with the Latino communities to be considered for the Program. Protégés need to become REFORMA members as soon as they are accepted in the program.

Mentors do not have to be Latino to participate but must be REFORMA members in good standing.

Download Mentoring Forms: PDF - Word


For more information please contact:

Minerva Alaniz
Associate Librarian
Texas Tech University Libraries
P. O. Box 40002
Lubbock, TX 79409-0002
806-834-0778 (office)
806-742-1964 (fax)