2024 Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to this year's REFORMA Scholarship Awardees.

REFORMA/SAGE Scholarship

Ashley Yniguez
Ashley Yniguez is a fifth-generation Mexican American (Chicana) and a first-generation college graduate. She earned a BA in Ethnic Studies with a concentration in Chicana/o Studies, a BA in History, and an MA in History with a concentration in Chicana/o Studies from California State University, Fullerton. She will start her MLIS program at San José State University in the Fall where she will focus on Academic Librarianship and Archives & Preservation.

She was first inspired to pursue librarianship by the librarian activists who came before her and who were part of the Committee to Recruit Mexican American Librarians (CRMAL), REFORMA, and former students of the Graduate Institute for Mexican American Library Science (GIMALS) at CSUF.

From a young age, she has been passionate about her community’s history which has translated into her work in archives. She believes there is power in representation in terms of library collections of all kinds, especially for people whose histories have historically been marginalized and otherwise excluded from library collections as a whole. In her future career as an academic librarian, she hopes to continue to take an active role in creating an inclusive space where all feel welcome, represented, included, and most importantly, supported. Additionally, when she becomes an academic librarian, she plans to continue her activism through steadfast advocacy with the hope that the term “underrepresented” will become a term of the past for our communities.

Rose Treviño Scholarship 

Gabriella Jasso
I’m Gabby (she/they) and I currently work at the Denver Public Library as a Library Program Associate. I have the privilege of creating community programs for a diverse array of folks and engaging with my community through outreach initiatives. I am excited to continue growing and learning, but most importantly, I look forward to using what I learn to create a more inclusive and welcoming library environment for Latinx and Spanish-speaking patrons.

I am an incoming MLIS graduate student at San José State University and am honored to receive the Rose Treviño Scholarship. As the first in my extended family to complete a bachelor’s degree and now the first to attend a post-graduate program, I am immensely grateful for the support!

REFORMA Scholarship 

Juana Campos Benitez
My name is Juana Campos Benitez, and I am a teacher librarian at a low-income school in South Central Los Angeles within the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). My passion for education and dedication to my students is rooted in my own experiences and challenges, having come from El Salvador, a country torn by civil war to pursue a career that I am immensely proud of.
One of my proudest achievements is returning to school to obtain my master's degree in Library Science of Information, a milestone that has empowered me to be an even stronger advocate and resource for my students. This advanced degree will equip me with the knowledge and skills to better support all my students, particularly our English learners who require additional support to thrive academically.
Being a teacher librarian is more than just a job; it is a calling that I embrace wholeheartedly. I am dedicated to fostering a love of learning in my students, guiding them toward academic success, and helping them envision a brighter future. This scholarship will not only support my continued professional development but also enhance my ability to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the students I am privileged to serve.
Leslie Juarez
As a native of Mexico City, my dedication to libraries and information science is fueled by a passion for knowledge and a commitment to serving diverse communities. My academic journey began with a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology from California State University, Los Angeles, where I cultivated an appreciation for learning and wellness. Currently, I am pursuing my MLIS at San Jose State University. My aspiration is to bridge the gap between technology and information, ensuring equitable access to resources for all patrons. I am committed to fostering inclusivity and diversity within library spaces, recognizing the transformative impact of knowledge on enriching communities.
I am truly honored to be selected as a recipient of the REFORM Scholarship. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity it provides me to pursue my academic and personal aspirations.
Edith Méndez 
Edith Méndez is an artist, educator, and scholar with a profound dedication to cultural preservation and inclusivity. Her creative endeavors honor her Mexican heritage and explore themes of identity and memory. Edith's work serves as a bridge between cultures, celebrating traditions, and sparking connections within her community.

Currently pursuing a graduate degree in MLIS with a specialization in Archives and Cultural Heritage Resources at Dominican University, Edith is committed to supporting bilingual and bicultural librarianship. She actively advocates for her community through both scholarship and art, using her talents to empower and unite.