Academic Librarians Advancing Service (ALAS) Committee

Empowers academic librarians through advocacy, professional development, and collaboration in order to enhance library services, promote cultural inclusivity, and support the educational success of Latinx students in higher education.



  • Mario A. Ascencio, Co-founder
  • Delores Carlito, Co-founder
  • Carlos Rodriguez, Co-founder
  • Dr. Romelia Salinas, Co-founder

Charge / Description

  • Advocacy - Advocate for the needs and interests of academic librarians serving Latinx students within the academic library profession. This includes raising awareness about the unique challenges, opportunities, and best practices in academic libraries.
  • Professional Development - Develop and promote professional development opportunities tailored to the needs of academic librarians. This may involve organizing panels, programs, poster sessions, workshops, or webinars for the REFORMA National Conference, the Association of College and Research Libraries Conference (ACRL), and regional and state library conferences.
  • Resource Development - Contribute to the creation and dissemination of resources designed to support academic librarians working with the Latinx student population. This could include developing guidelines, toolkits, recommended reading lists, and resource directories specifically addressing the needs of academic librarians.
  • Collaboration and Networking - Foster collaboration and networking among academic librarians who are interested in learning how to best serve the growing number of Latinx college students. This might involve facilitating online communities, moderating discussion forums, creating mentorship programs where academic librarians can connect, share ideas, collaborate on projects, learn from one another’s experiences, and actively participating in REFORMA's mentoring program.
  • Research and Innovation - Encourage research initiatives and innovation in academic library services. This could include advocating for the implementation of innovative practices and technologies at HSIs to better serve Latinx students, promoting research projects that explore the impact of libraries on Latinx student success, and identifying emerging trends in academic librarianship and HSIs.
  • Partnerships and Outreach - Outreach to HSIs to recruit new REFORMA members. Seek opportunities for partnerships and collaboration with other organizations, institutions, associations, and stakeholders working in higher education, libraries, and social justice. These collaborations  would help expand the influence, visibility, and impact of REFORMA academic librarians serving Latinx college students.
  • Leadership Development and Promotion - Take proactive steps to identify and support future Latinx leaders. REFORMA ALAS could serve as a resource to search firms that often contact me for suggestions of diverse applicants for colleges and universities located in various parts of the country.