Nominee Statement for National REFORMA
Chapter Representative
Tuesday, February 19, 2013
by: Sonia Veronica Bautista

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February 2013

February 16, 2013

Nominee for National REFORMA
Chapter Representative
Candidate: Sonia Verónica Bautista

Estimados Reformistas,

It is my pleasure to be running as the incoming Chapter Representative at this summer's REFORMA'S national elections.  I have worked in libraries all my life. My first job was as a library page while in high school and since then I have not left the library world. I find my job as a librarian very rewarding and I share my love for the profession with everyone I meet.  My first encounter with REFORMA was in 2008, when I received the Los Angeles Chapter’s Elizabeth Martinez scholarship, and immediately became a member of the LA Chapter.

I have been an active member of REFORMA ever since, and was fortunate to become the president of the Los Angeles Chapter in 2010.  During my presidency, I focused on increasing membership and participation within my chapter, and successfully met these goals. We also created a second scholarship during my presidency, named after our late treasurer Dr. Karin Duran.  In addition, we established a Dia de Los Niños mini grant, and a scholarship oportunity for to send a local student to the ALA conference  and be part of the yearly Gala Event. 

The chapter has also started meet and greets every quarter, where we invite REFORMA members and other library staff to meet and share ideas in an informal setting. The meet and greets have been a great success, as it has given us a venue to share ideas and a fun way to increase our  member participation and socialize. 

If I am elected Chapter Representative, I would want to help the chapters; we are fortunate to have other chapters near by and colleagues who can drive or Skype for meetings.  I would like to find new ways of increasing other chapter's membership and finding ways to motivate their members to become more active.  I would also like to encourage better communication between chapters, either through a forum or blog. I am glad to see that the National Reforma Listserv is back, this should be a great avenue for communication.  I think we all have great ideas and we should all share our success stories with other chapters.
I welcome you to view our webpage/blog to see some of the activities we had for our members last year.

I am committed to representing Reforma nationally as a Chapter Representative and if given the chance provide chapters with a direct line to the Executive Committee.  We are happy to be also planning RNC V and can’t wait to see you all come together in San Diego.


Sonia V. Bautista
Acting Senior Librarian
Commerce Public Library
Commerce, California

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