Nominee Statement for National REFORMA
Vice President/President Elect
Tuesday, February 19, 2013
by: Silvia Cisneros

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February 2013

Nominee for National REFORMA
Vice President/President Elect
Candidate: Silvia Cisneros

Estimados Reformistas,
I was introduced to REFORMA when I was a library school student. It was at that important stage of my life that I needed mentorship, support, and encouragement from already established librarians, and REFORMA offered me all that through both its Orange County Chapter Members and Nationally.
I was honored when I was given the opportunity to serve in the Chapter as a Vice President and later as their President.  I had the opportunity to Chair some of our local chapter conferences and was able to establish the Dia Mini Grant. Furthermore, last year you privileged me once again with the Librarian of the Year Award.
I strongly support the REFORMA mission and by bringing my leadership skills and experience to this position

REFORMA has been consistently a source of personal and professional growth for me. I am one of those students that you have seen develop within this organization into a leader thanks to the support of those who make REFORMA. I credit REFORMA and its members for much of my success, and I feel that it is time to give back. I would like to continue to assist in meeting the professional development needs of members.
I strongly support the REFORMA mission and by bringing my leadership skills and experience to this position, I would like to focus my attention to how we welcome new members, how we communicate with the membership and seek continual improvement, including meeting the needs of young members who are looking for an organization to seek answers.
Volunteering is an important aspect to learning from our peers and enhancing our own professional progress. Through the volunteer opportunities, we share our insights and grow our professional networks. I want to support REFORMA’s volunteer efforts by taking this occasion to serve in this organization. I will continue to exercise diligence, commitment, accountability and carefully review all funding to get the most for our members.
After coming back from our last ALA Midwinter meetings, many people have approached me asking me if I am afraid of taking this step; being that I am a young librarian.  No, is my answer.  In recent years I have learned to be strong and positive. I learned from the best people and I have taken their advice. Maria Kramer, our Past National REFORMA President, put a program together titled “Fire It Up” where she asked if we were ready to serve REFORMA. Shortly after, I had the opportunity to listen to Luis Herrera in one of our conference in Orange County where he talked to us about leadership, and told us that even those that have served in our profession for years still feel scared at times when asked to perform or be involved in a certain task. Also, his advice to all young people was to jump into the fire, and everything will be fine. So today, I am ready to serve REFORMA and I'm ready to jump into that fire. I know I have all my mentors and a group of professionals who will not let me fail.
Será un honor para mí servir como Vice Presidenta/Presidenta Electa

Silvia Cisneros
Senior Librarian
Santa Ana Public Library
Santa Ana, California

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