REFORMA Financial Report
Thursday, February 28, 2013
by: Reforma Treasurer Sarah Dahlen

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February 2013

February 28, 2013

Dear Reformistas,

You may have seen the recent newsletter article from President Denice Adkins addressing the various developments that came out of REFORMA’s meetings at ALA Midwinter. One of the things she mentioned was our financial situation, and I want to take this opportunity to expand on the information she shared.

In talking to past Treasurers and others who have a historical perspective on REFORMA’s finances, it has become clear that for many years our organization has frequently had our annual expenditures exceed our income. This is clearly not a sustainable situation, but it has been moderated by less frequent influxes in revenue from REFORMA National Conferences and other fundraising events. Conferences do not generate a consistent amount of money, however, and this is particularly true in lean economic times. RNC4, for example, while regarded by attendees as hugely successful in terms of quality of programming, generated less income than past conferences. You can see in the graph below that since RNC3, our reserves have been steadily declining, with a moderate bump from RNC4.

In order to put us on a more sustainable financial path, REFORMA’s leadership is committed to reevaluating our income and expenditures, a process that started in earnest at the Midwinter meetings. President Denice’s recent column addressed many of the steps we are considering, including changes to membership fees and their distribution between chapters and national. Some of these decisions will be difficult, and we ask for the continued support of the chapters and membership to help us through these tough times.
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Sarah Dahlen

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