The Oldest House in the USA
La casa mas antigua de los Estados Unidos
Wednesday, November 21, 2012
by: Reviewed by Paula Gonzales

Section: Children's Book Reviews

November 2012

Reviewed by Paula Gonzales, Children's Librarian/ Professor, Harris County Public Library-Lone Star College-CyFair Branch, Cypress,TX.

The oldest house in America was originally part of the Pueblo of Anaclo. Since the year 1200, this house has occupied several people such as the Tlaxcalan Indians, Pueblo warriors, and a Spanish Governor.  The house sits on De Vargas Street in Santa Fe, New Mexico and the most recent and interesting occupant sited in this house is a ghost. This ghost is said to be of an Indian man who previously lived in the house and died there. This historical fiction picture book is narrated by two whimsical angels who describe the construction and history of the last remnant of the Pueblo Analco. The colorful pictures in the text feature a southwest flavor that set the tone for this special story.  An index is included with vocabulary words that are complimented with descriptive pictures. Recommended.
The Oldest House in the USA / La casa mas antigua de los Estados Unidos. Kat Aragon. Illus. by Mary Jo Madrid. Los Angeles, CA: Lectura Books, 2011. 24 pp. $8.95 (Paperback). ISBN 978-1-60448-016-0. Ages 6-8. Bilingual English & Spanish.

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