Fables High to Low/Fabulas de mayor a menor
Tuesday, February 19, 2013
by: Francisco Vargas

Section: Children's Book Reviews

February 2013

Reviewed by Francisco Vargas, Youth Services Officer, Long Beach Public Library, CA Connect!

This first installment of 4 compilations of fables & stories are fantastic.  Mayor y Menor (Nacho y Tobi) are famous newspaper cartoons from the Spanish speaking world (Argentina) and here they have added their childlike commentary to each of the Fables before and after each one.  Illustrator Chanti has for sure the magic “touch” in my opinion.  The illustrations are a huge advantage and crucial selling point for this compilation.  Without the illustrations this book would not be on our review page. For sure it would fall flat and on the pile of “seen it -have 10 copies already, next!”.  I am that uppity and not afraid to say so. 
The fables are well crafted but the humor of the illustrations is what makes me accept them for myself and therefore want to read them aloud one, two, perhaps even five times to my own children.  Considering that these fables are for children ages 6 & up it works in many ways with our 3 and 4 year olds.  So long you take the time to give some background information before hand. 
My favorite from the six fables was by far La Paloma y la hormiga the Dove and the Ant.  I had never heard this fable before and it had my complete and unaltered attention.  All the fables are rather short and to the point which was for sure a selling point but remember we are salespeople on the library floor so please do yourself a favor and the children’s librarian and buy this title.  You won’t regret it.  I wish Uranito had the hardcover version of the book as it would be a much better fit for public libraries but I am okay with the paperback edition.  
Fables High to Low/Fabulas de Mayor a menor by Cecilia Blanco, Illustrated by Chanti. Ediciones Urano/Uranito. Buenos Aires. 48p. Paperback $10.95 USD Ages 6 & up. Available as eBook ISBN 9789871831180

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