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Tuesday, November 12, 2019
by: Alexandra Gomez & Patricia Valdovinos

Section: REFORMA Recommends

Fall 2019

Alexandra Gomez is the Supervising Librarian responsible for the collection development of Spanish and other world languages materials at BookOps, the shared technical services organization of the Brooklyn Public Library and New York Public Library. Alexandra is also an American Library Association (ALA) Spectrum Scholar and a William Randolph Hearst Scholar. She was also the recipient of the REFORMA Northeast Chapter (RNE) Ismael Alicea Professional Development Award and past President of the REFORMA Northeast Chapter 2016/17. The “Spanish Language Book Buzz: What's New in Spanish Language Publishing” was one of her initiatives, as part of the components of the Connecting Literature, Arts, and People (CLAP) Committee activities.

Patricia Valdovinos is the Multilingual Services Librarian at the Los Angeles Public Library. She is the Vice-President/President-Elect of the Los Angeles Chapter. She served on the Executive Committee as 2017-2019 Member-at-Large Representative, and on the 2019 Pura Belpré Award Selection Committee.

Recommended by Alexandra Gomez

El intercambio

By Fernando Aleu
February 2019 | Roca Editorial
9788417541194 | Adult

Based on real events from World War II, the book tells the story of a group of people who join forces to rescue a great athletic young German at risk of being sent to a concentration camp if returned to Germany.

Largo pétalo de mar

By Isabel Allende
June 2019 | Vintage Español
9781984899163 | Adult

A young doctor and his pianist friend who are forced to leave Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War board a ship going towards France, chartered by the poet Pablo Neruda, and land in Chile where they are received as heroes.

El mundo azul

By Albert Espinosa
March 2019 | Debolsillo
9788466329811 | Young Adult

The trilogy of colors continues with another exciting adventure that is unleashed when a group of young people rebels against a world that tries to bring order to their chaos.

No vuelvas

By Leonardo Tarifeno
March 2019 | Editorial Almadia S.C.
9786078486939 | Adult

After being deported from the United States of America, migrants bring with them these stories collected by the "Migration and Memory" project in Tijuana, Mexico.

La primera regla del punk

By Celia C. Pérez
July 2019 | Vintage Español
9780525567165 | Young Adult

From the first day Malú attends her new school, she starts to break established rules, befriend other maladjusted students, and form her own musical group. But, she never forgets the first rule of punk: being herself.

Querida América

By Jose Antonio Vargas
June 2019 | Harpercollins Español
9780062931658 | Adult

An autobiographical work that depicts the author's experiences from his 25 years of living illegally in the USA, being permanently hidden from the government without a home and forced to lie to survive.

Ser mamá: Cómo encontrar el balance…¡sin perder la cabeza! 

By Jeannette Torres
April 2019 | Aguilar
9781949061727 | Adult

The author, a psychologist, columnist, expert in family relations, and mother of two, reveals her secrets regarding discipline, time management, and other parenting and coping skills.

Turcos en la niebla

By Enrique Del Risco
July 2019 | Alianza Editorial Sa
9788491814467 | Adult

An exiled Cuban clings to his carpentry shop that is about to be seized, and goes on Facetime to tell the reasons why he is willing to face the authorities, offering a glimpse at the recent political and cultural history of the American continent and the contemporary life of the Latino community in New York.

Vidas que cambian vidas: 40 historias inspiradoras anteriores a la tuya

By Cristina Nunez Pereira, Rafael R. and Raquel Cane
March 2019 | Nube De Tinta
9788416588787 | Young Adults

Inspiring stories of people who saved the world with their extraordinary accomplishments and achieved more than they thought could be possible.

Yo tuve un sueño

By Juan Pablo Villalobos
January 2019 | Editorial Anagrama
9788433926203 | Adult

Ten stories of ten young immigrants, ages ten and seventeen, who crossed the border from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala, and came to New York and Los Angeles with the intention of reuniting with their families.


Recommended by Patricia Valdovinos

Las chicas rudas del pasado: 52 mujeres que cambiaron el mundo

By Mackenzie Lee
September 2018 | Planeta Pub Corp
9786070751264 | Adult

Stories of 52 inspiring women who challenged gender stereotypes and roles in order to change history. With beautiful graphics accompanying each of their biographies, Lee portrays each of their incredible journeys towards helping humanity create a better world.

Cocinando con Chabán: 75 recetas saludables con sabor latino para lograr y mantener tu peso ideal

By Alejandro Chabán
February 2019 | Atria Books
9781501155024 | Adult

Chabán shares seventy-five new Latin America-based dishes that will make anyone’s taste buds burst without feeling bad about the calories. Chabán teaches readers how to maintain a healthy diet and eat all the Latin American dishes without any guilt.

Las cosas son lo que tú quieres que sean: Consejos para una vida creativa

By Adam J. Kurtz
January 2019 | Plaza & Janés
9788401021299 | Adult

A manual filled with advice and comments from one artist to another. If readers ever feel artistically unmotivated, Kurtz will help guide them to becoming more creative and gaining their confidence back.

Mujeres que matan

By Alberto Barrera
March 2019 | Penguin Random House
9786073172783 | Adult

In a place with no name filled with daily violence and hunger, women come together to form a book club. After reading a self-help book, they find themselves fueled by revenge due to all the sexism they experience. Barrera invites the reader to examine the impact and value of “self-help” through this dystopian-set novel.

Rejuvenece con el ayuno

By Hellmut Lützner
January 2019 | RBA Integral
9788490568743 | Adult

A guide that teaches the importance of the traditional practice of fasting. It shares the reasons why people have done it for years and the benefits that come from it for a person’s health.

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