Poems by Luivette Resto
Tuesday, November 12, 2019
by: Curated by Yago Cura

Section: Página de poesía

Fall 2019

Luivette Resto, a mother, teacher, poet, and Wonder Woman fanatic, was born in Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico but proudly raised in the Bronx. Her two books of poetry, Unfinished Portrait and Ascension have been published Tia Chucha Press. She is a CantoMundo fellow. Some of her latest work can be read in Lullaby of Teeth, an anthology of SoCal poets published by Moontide Press and an anthology of Afro-Latino poetry titled ¡Manteca! published by Arte Público Press. Currently, she lives in the Los Angeles area with her three revolutionaries.

Yago S. Cura is a Bilingual Outreach Librarian at the Los Angeles Public Library. He is a former N.Y.C. Teaching Fellow and A.L.A. Spectrum Scholar who also happens to publish the poetry, fiction, and prose of authors from las Américas in Hinchas de Poesía with Jim Heavily and Jennifer Therieau.


She’s the mother I’d like to forget
the mother I’d like to forgive
the mother I’d like to find.

As I have become
the mother others want to bed
and forget they found
trying to forgive herself.

Yemaya’s Pantoum

When I visited the ocean
she told me
I was strong as her currents,
unpredictable like the tides.

She told me
brujas on blood moon nights
unpredictable like the tides
gather by her recursive feet

with a hand full of silvers coins because brujas
know how to worship her coastline like an altar
and stand by her recursive feet
as the perigean tide allows a kiss.

To worship her coastline like an altar
full of intention while gray waves move
like a plena as the tide allows a kiss
entropically move from me to you.

With full intention, waves glide
across our feet as her answers
whisper from me to you
strong as her currents.
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