Ausencia de felicidad: la historia de Helen Schucman, la escriba de Un curso de milagros
Kenneth Wapnick. Temecula, CA: Foundation for a Course In Miracles. 550 pp. ISBN: 9786074571431
Monday, March 12, 2012
by: Reviewed by Minerva Alaniz

Section: Adult Book Reviews

Reviewed by Minerva Alaniz, Associate Librarian, Texas Tech University Library, Lubbock

Wapnick is a psychotherapist writing about Helen Schucman’s personal and spiritual experience with Jesus and its effects on her ego.  Wapnick and Shucman became friends and collaborated on the book, Un curso de milagros.  In this book, he tells about the struggles Helen faced in the early years, how Un curso de milagros came to be written and the experiences she had after writing the book.  Ausencia de felicidad includes indexes for textual references, an exercise book, a teachers’ manual and songs of prayer to go with Un curso de milagros.

Recommended for public and academic libraries with collections in psychology or psychotherapy and religion

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