Coleccion Reinas y Cortesanas
L.D. Books, Inc.
Friday, March 23, 2012
by: Reviewed by Milly Lugo

Section: Adult Book Reviews

Reviewed by Milly C. Lugo, Senior Librarian, Santa Ana Public Library, CA

The ‘Reinas y Cortesanas’ collection presents biographies of women who have aspired to or held positions of authority and were a dynamic presence in their constituents’ lives throughout history.  Each book recounts its subject’s life candidly and succinctly.  The authors place these exceptional women firmly within the context of their historical era.  The bibliography found at the end of each book gives the reader ample room to supplement their knowledge on the subject.  As an added bonus, in Yehonala, the author includes photos and a list of individuals in the Dowager Empress’s court that details their status. 

These books are educational and refreshingly entertaining. Readers get a glimpse of life from the point of view of the main character and from the people they encountered.

Titles from this collection include:

Yehonala. Cordelia Callas. Miami: L.D. Books, Inc., 2010.  156pp. $12.99.  ISBN 13: 978-6-074571-49-3
Isabel la Católica. Delfina Gálvez. Miami: L.D. Books, Inc., 2010.  155pp. $12.99.  ISBN 13: 978-6-074571-19-6
Ana Bolena. Cordelia Callas. Miami: L.D. Books, Inc., 2010.  156pp. $12.99.  ISBN 13: 978-6-074571-35-6
Lady Di. Jazmín Sáenz. Miami: L.D. Books, Inc., 2010.  167pp. $12.99.  ISBN 13: 978-6-074571-40-0

This very interesting collection is suitable for adults and teens. Recommended for public and school libraries.

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