Viviendo los principios espirituales de salud y bienestar
John-Roger, DDS & Paul Kaye, DDS. Los Angeles: Mandeville Press, 2011. 290pp. ISBN: 9781935492757
Tuesday, April 3, 2012
by: Reviewed by Marcela Calderon-Vodall

Section: Adult Book Reviews

Marcela Calderon-Vodall, Senior Librarian, Spanish Language. Seattle Public Library

John-Roger is a prolific writer with 50 books to his name. In 1968, he founded the nondenominational Church of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA). Dr. Paul Kaye has been a dedicated student of spiritual thought and practices since his youth in England. He is president of the church of the MSIA. 
The authors outline three basic aspects that affect physical health: healthy eating, quality rest and exercise. They consider health and wellness a multidimensional experience that connects the physical body with the imaginative, emotional, mental, unconscious and spiritual aspects. To them, the spiritual aspect is the most important of all.  They recommend unconditional self-love as the most natural way to healing. The authors present eight basic spiritual principles that bring about good health and how to apply them. Later chapters concentrate on the causes of illnesses and their cures. The book contains a 30 day program for achieving good health and wellness.

Recommended for public libraries

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