Angelica Gorodischer. Translated by Amalia Gladhart.Easthampton, MA: Small Beer Press, 2012. 183p. ISBN: 9781618730329 (print); 9781618730336 (ebook)
Tuesday, December 4, 2012
by: Valeria E. Molteni

Section: Adult Book Reviews

Valeria E. Molteni,San Jose State University

Argentine writer Angélica Gorodischer has a successful writing career in her own country. Her second book to have been translated into English brings some fascinating Latin American science fiction material to the English reader. This brief novel is made up of nine short tales tied together around the colorful character of Trafalgar Medrano. He travels through different worlds and dimensions, later meeting several friends and acquaintances in venues very different from his native Rosario (Argentina). 

The narrative of this compilation draws the reader into the story of an ordinary man traveling to alternative worlds. Gorodischer creates an atmosphere where fascinating stories take on the ordinariness of everyday life.  

Highly recommended for Public and Academic Libraries

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