Los Gendarmes de Dios:
El Opus Dei, la cara intolerante de la Iglesia Catolica
Friday, January 11, 2013
by: Milly C. Lugo

Section: Adult Book Reviews

January 2013

Milly C. Lugo, Senior Librarian, Santa Ana Public Library, CA Connect on FB.

So what is Opus Dei?  The standard answer is that it is a Catholic institution that sees work and everyday life as occasions for growing closer to God.  Los Gendarmes de Dios takes us further and demonstrate how Opus Dei with its absolute control of its members, cunning infiltration and management of educational, financial, and governmental institutions and unusual practices (both religious and in business) resembles more like a sect than a Christian institution.
Opus Dei was founded in Spain by Jose Maria Escrivá later to become Saint Josemaria Escrivá (yes, he decided to join both names into one).  His canonization was a controversial and highly questionable process, full of procedural maneuvers and cunning.  A supporter of Franco’s fascist government, he managed Opus Dei in the autocratic fashion typical of fascist governments.

No wonder Opus Dei lends itself so beautifully to novels of intrigue and corruption.  A glimpse of its history gives writers ample opportunities for exciting plots.   And yes, Opus Dei is still well and alive…just look at their website…and …your surroundings…   Highly recommended for public and academic libraries.

Los Gendarmes de Dios: El Opus Dei, la cara intolerante de la Iglesia Catolica by Domenico Mantuano. Florida: L.D. Books, Inc., 2012. 159pp. $12.99. ISBN: 978-607-457-232-2 Not available as eBook.

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