Marajo. Ancient Ceramics from Mouth of the Amazon
Margaret Young Sanchez and Denise P. Schaan
Saturday, January 19, 2013
by: Reforma Newsletter

Section: Adult Book Reviews

October 2013

from the Foreward: With this acquisition [of ceramics from the Marajó culture of ancient Brazil, including elegant bowls and jars and impressive personified funerary urns], the [Denver Art] Museum gained one of the strongest Marajó collections held by American art museums, and this transformed our ability to represent the artistic achievements of Amazonian peoples.  Marajó: Ancient Ceramics from the Mouth of the Amazon presents Denver's Marajó ceramics to the public for the first time [...] the first in the United States to focus on ancient Amazonian art.  The fully illustrated catalog features essays by ... today's leading researchers on ancient Marajó.
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