52 tips para escribir claro y entendible
Tuesday, February 5, 2013
by: Marcela Calderon-Vodall

Section: Adult Book Reviews

February 2012

Reviewed by: Marcela Calderon-Vodall, The Seattle Public Library. Marcela is a Reformista from the Pacific Northwest chapter and she's the Spanish Language Librarian for The Seattle Public Library. Connect.

Eusebio Ruvalcaba wrote a very interesting book to read whether or not you want to write a book. Why 52 tips you might ask, well the year has 52 weeks and if you are a good student you will practice a tip every week.

Some of the tips are good, some are not so good and the others I disagree with completely. Like this one for example: “No dejes que tu literatura se corrompa. Huye de las presentaciones de libros…”. What? What is this? I am a librarian and one part of my job is to organize book presentations. Mostly I do presentations of Spanish books, and I think this is the only way to put authors and readers in face-to-face contact. This is the only time when the readers can ask authors questions, in person, about their books.  Or maybe this one: “Un escritor no debe aspirar a escribir obras maestras”. Why not? There will always be someone who surpasses the master, right?

Among the good tips: “Una frase bien escrita vale oro”. That’s why I like to read books; there will always be a phrase that you will think is written only for you. Or maybe this one: “Como se le mire, escribir es evadirse de la realidad. Pero el escritor no debe olvidar que su misión es conmover a lectores de carne y hueso”. This is a good one, many times you don’t want to put down a book because is so interesting that when you finish you are surprised with an unexpected ending. I love those endings because they keep me thinking and I ask myself: What if… I also noticed something between lines; does the author have some problems with women? Recommended for Public & Academic Libraries.

52 tips para escribir claro y entendible by Eusebio Ruvalcaba, ISBN 978-607-457-154-7 (2011) Editorial Lectorum, S.A. de C.V., Mexico, D.F. 150 p. $10.19 Paperback. Not availabe as an eBook.


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