Un buen morir:
Encontrando sentido al proceso de la muerte
Monday, March 24, 2014
by: Milagros Laboy Lazu

Section: Adult Book Reviews

Reviewed by Milagros Laboy Lazu, MLIS- University of Puerto Rico Humacao. Monday March 24, 2014

To understand and work with a dying person helps us to accept and manage our own outcome or death as a natural process with all its human and spiritual implications. This is the concept that author Daniel Behar brings in his book in which he shares the research he made on the various approaches that exist on the subject, especially those findings and concepts developed by Elizabeth Kubler Ross one of the most important exponents of this new science called Thanatology.  Thanatology is a new born science that promotes quality of life for the patient and the family including psychological, physical and spiritual suffering.  The book  is directed to an adult, mature and spiritually oriented audience. The vocabulary is simple and precise. I would recommend the book positively although I understand that it is not for all audiences, but rather for those interested in scientific-spiritual topics.
Un buen morir: Encontrando sentido al proceso de la muerte. Behar, D Mexico, D.F: Editorial Pax Mexico, (2003). 148 pp. $14.00. ISBN 9789688606964

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