Mi amado Marques
Jillian Hunter, trans. Claudia Vinas Donoso. Barcelona: Books4pocket: Ediciones Urano, 2011. 445 pp. $11.95. ISBN: 9788492801794
Friday, December 16, 2011
by: Reviewed by Christina M. Martinez

Section: Adult Book Reviews

Fall/Winter 2011

Reviewed by Christina M. Martinez, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, CO

This is a Spanish translation of The Seduction of an English Scoundrel, the first of nine Boscastle family books by Hunter. Hunter is a well-established romance writer, and this book is a fairly typical historical romance. Lady Jane Welsham is left standing at the altar. The missing groom’s cousin, the rakish Grayson Boscastle, Marquess of Sedgecroft, feels responsible and undertakes to make sure society doesn’t ostracize Lady Jane. Lady Jane isn’t quite the jilted bride that she initially appears, and the marquess surprises himself by becoming intrigued with her as they spend time together. As a romance this gets an average grade, neither bad nor particularly good. Hunter’s descriptions of the hero get a bit tiresome, and the book could have been shorter, but she does have a nice humorous touch.  This book sets the stage for all the books that follow so many other characters are introduced. Readers should be aware that the sex scenes are fairly explicit.

Appropriate for public libraries with a demand for historical romances

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