REFORMA de Florida: Rising Up From the Ashes
Monday, July 13, 2020
by: Alma Ramos-McDermott

Section: Chapter News

Winter/Summer 2020

A veteran of hundreds of races won and run on roads, track and trails in the past 40 years, Alma Ramos-McDermott was an elementary school teacher in Brooklyn, N.Y. for 21 years. She went on to become a 2007 ALA Spectrum Scholar and worked as a Middle school and a High School Media Specialist in Massachusetts. Alma lives in Naples, FL and currently works as a Media Specialist at Lake Trafford Elementary School in Immokalee FL. She is the Chair of the newly formed “REFORMA de Florida Vision 2020 Task Force,” and was just elected Secretary of REFORMA National. Follow Alma on her blog Should I read it or not?

For many years, REFORMA de Florida has been inactive. Since June 2019, members of the chapter have been working with Manny Figueroa, REFORMA’s East Region Chapter Representative, to figure out ways to revitalize the chapter. When the President of the chapter resigned in May 2020, the REFORMA de Florida Vision 2020 Task Force was formed, with the goal of rebuilding the chapter until new officers are elected.

The Chair of the Task Force is Alma Ramos-McDermott (Media Specialist, Lake Trafford Elementary School, Immokalee, FL). Other members are Isabel Castro (Branch Manager, Branch Book Branch Library, Newark, NJ), Lucía González (Director, North Miami Public Library, North Miami, FL), and Alicia Long (Access Services Supervisor, Bradenton Library, State College of Florida, Bradenton, FL). Manny Figueroa (Talent Development and Training Manager, Library Services, Queens Public Library, Queens, NY) serves as Advisor.

The Task Force is proposing a REFORMA de Florida that will be member-driven. An email was recently sent to current and former members letting them know about the Task Force, and another will soon be sent with survey questions seeking member input to help create the REFORMA de Florida that every member wants to see, and that will carry on the work of REFORMA in every part of the state. We know that this new, member-driven REFORMA de Florida chapter will be like a phoenix, rising up from the ashes.

We know that this new, member-driven REFORMA de Florida chapter will be like a phoenix, rising up from the ashes.

If you are a member of REFORMA de Florida and did not receive the first email, please email Manny at He will be sure to add your email to the membership list to receive future communications.

Stay tuned to our REFORMA de Florida Facebook page for future updates.

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