Colorado Annual Report
Thursday, June 21, 2012
by: Ghada Kanafani Elturk

Section: Chapter Updates


Annual Report July 1, 2011-June 14, 2012
President: Ghada Kanafani Elturk, Boulder Public Library
President Elect: Ruby Nugent, CU Health Sciences Library
Secretary: Sheena Barbour, AnyThink Library
Treasurer: Laurie Spurling, Denver Public Library
Past-President: Larry Maynard, Jefferson County Library

Membership: 90 Approximately
REFORMA’s 40th Anniversary and the fourth annual conference, a four day event (September 15 – 18, 2011) that took place here in Denver and drew over 500 participants and was the best REFORMA National Conference ever, according to most of the attendees. Colorado Refoma members hosted the conference and were complemented for their professionalism and hospitality. The chapter gained new members as a result of attending the conference.
Remote Access:  Membership and Officers are able to participate remotely meetings. This enhanced our members participation.
AMS:was used to hold chapter elections.
Electronic banking:by moving away from paper we’re saving $3 a month
Brochure: Informantional brochure about Reforma Colorado chapter is being updated. It will be made available on Facebook and Web pages for members to print on as needs arise.
Effective speakers at membership meetings: Positive feedback about Laurel Herndon’s-immigration attorney-talk to members about the process of becoming a USA citizen, current and historical trends and the realities people live:
“Laurel Herndon was able to help my friend Luis get a visa. He has been living here off and on for about 15 years and is partnered. His partner Dan was crying when he heard the news. I think Luis is still in shock.”
“I would never have been able to refer them to Laurel had you not had her present for Reforma!”
Mary Somerville and Dana Echohawk, of the Center of Colorado and the West Digital/Video Collection.
Regis University Dual Language program offered a very informative and beneficial presentation.
Mentoring & Leadership opportunities: Several members and officers are involved in mentoring a MLIS Leaders Scholarship and student.
Facebook and Web pages list leadership opportunities (in Colorado and nation-wide) for librarians interested in learning and earning more experiences working with Spanish speaking communities and Latinos.
Ongoing classes and training:Several members and officers offer regular computer classes in Spanish, Internet use, data bases… as well as being available to assist as needs arise.
Free translation assistance (English to Spanish:Five members and officers have translated 7 documents for 4 different institutions. This was their first time using this free service. The institutions that used our services were: Colorado State Library; Colorado State University Library; Hudson Public Library; Garfield County Public Library District. We have had excellent turnaround with our requests. The fastest turn around was for the Colorado State Library translating information about the One Book 4 Colorado. We completed that translation in a couple of days.
Feed back is good and all stated that they will recommend the service to other libraries and information organizations.
Feedback statements: “I really appreciate this service! Not only will it allow us to provide better service to our Spanish-speaking patrons, but having the translation come from individuals associated with libraries means I don't have to translate certain library concepts or terms from "library-speak" into English first. :)”
“This was a great service and I am very grateful. One comment though: I do not know enough Spanish to judge whether or not the translation is accurate. However, based on my other material in Spanish and the professionalism of the translator--letting me know that he was looking into the correct term for terms not easily translated--convinces me that it was an excellent job. The conscientiousness and my minimal "tourist" Spanish from over six years ago lead me to believe I received at top-notch translation. I am very pleased. Thank you!”
“This is an amazing service!! Really invaluable to libraries across CO.”
Teen Literature Conference:We are closely involved in planning and during the conference. This year Reforma Colorado sponsored 7 students to attend the Conference. We also had a table of information with a display of the books that are banned in Arizona. We gave away 8 books to youth and the afternoon keynote speaker. Titles were from the banned list.
Colorado Association of Libraries fall conference:
ALA President:
Our chapter invited the ALA President at 2011conference. This was the 5th ALA President’s reception that REFORMA has hosted.
The chapter is submitting to present two panels and a poster session at the upcoming 2012 conference.
Reforma national newsletter: Few members and officers are involved in book reviews for the newsletter.
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