Richard Chabran 2012 Achievement in Library Diversity Research Honoree
Tuesday, June 26, 2012
by: Francisco Vargas

Section: Felicidades!

June Issue

Richard Chabran is the Policy Advisor/Adjunct Professor at CCTPG/University of Arizona and E-Learning Consultant.

On Monday, June 18 the ALA Office for Diversity in Chicago named Richard Chabrán, adjunct professor, School of Information Resources and Library Science, University of Arizona as the 2012 Achievement in Library Diversity Research Honoree.

I first met Professor Chabran as a graduate student at the University of Arizona, in 2004 while in the Knowledge River program.  Pat Tarin the program director at the time, had invited Richard to teach a class on campus (this was way back in the day when classes were face to face).  In his class, I remember distinctly we did an online collaboration with the another cohort from the library school at UCLA. I will never forget the lessons learned in the discussions and the conections we made in class.  

Richard's work and expertise inspired me to question and listen carefuly and not to take technology and their claims to solve all the problems with disadvantaged communities.  Instead I learned early in my carree to critically question issues sorrounding e-rate, the digital divide, broadband, online collaboration, and archiving the Latino experience for everyone to have access.  Richard's excellence in his work and his individual vision has kept him at the cutting edge and most importantly at the table where technology thinkers are making decisions. 

Richard asks the tough questions, he is colleague you can trust in giving you fair and unabashed feedback and who will listen to your ideas. Thank you Richard and congratulations on your well deserved honor!

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