Adan Griego Honored at FIL
Thursday, January 12, 2012
by: Jessica Hernandez

Section: Felicidades!

Fall/Winter 2011

Jessica Hernandez Public Relations Committee Chair

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Guadalajara International Book Fair (FIL) and to celebrate the occasion, groups of 25 from several professions were honored at various FIL events. In the "librarian" category Barbara J. Ford, Michael Dowling, Margaret Chisholm and Adan Griego shared honors with 21 other Mexican information professionals. The award ceremony was held at the opening of the 18th Coloquio Internacional de Bibliotecarios where ALA librarians have participated on various occasions. 


The award was a complete surprise. As a life-time Reformista and former SALALM president I have strived all along to be a bridge between both groups, who share a common goal: developing and strengthening Spanish language collection in US libraries

In addition with his work for FIL and SALALM, Griego has a long history of leadership and service in REFORMA. “Our REFORMISTA Adan Griego was honored for attending FIL for 25 years. Adan  is one of the professional Librarians that have been attending La Feria Internacional del Libro(FIL) en Guadalajara, Mexico, since its beginning. Adan comes early to FIL, collects information about new materials and layout of the book fair and gives a great presentation every year to the first-time attendee professionals that go from the US to Guadalajara to select Spanish materials. He is truly an innovative leader.”


In addition to his strong leadership skills and tireless dedication to this event, Griego is keely adept at maintaining his pulse on the profession. Past President Sandra Rios Balderrama added “If you ask about a certain book or a genre, Adan can tell what aisle and booth number - immediately. He is always "in the know" as to the latest publications, and the newest and most distinctive publications every year. He will tell you what is “hot” out on the floor, and that you better get there fast if you want it for your library.”


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