Luis Herrera Named LJ's Librarian of the Year
Friday, January 13, 2012
by: Cordelia Howard

Section: Felicidades!

Fall/Winter 2011-2

Cordelia Howard is the former Long Beach Public Library Director 1983-1998

What a joy it was to learn that Luis Herrera has been chosen Library Journal’s Librarian of the Year 2012.  To say “well deserved” is an understatement. Those of us who know Luis recognize how much he has brought to our profession and to the libraries he’s been involved with.  Luis has had a marvelous career.  His legacy begins in El Paso and runs from Arizona to Long Beach through San Diego and Pasadena to San Francisco.
Every professional organization he has belonged to, beginning with REFORMA, bears the mark of his stewardship. And he has never lost touch with his roots or forgotten why he became a librarian.
A good part of Luis’s success lies in his character.  Luis has never met a stranger.  That openness, acceptance and genuine warmth make everyone he comes in contact with feel valued, important and eager to be a part of whatever he is involved in.  And besides, he’s so much fun!

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