If I Could Fly
Grades 7-12
Saturday, December 24, 2011
by: Rhonda Jeffers

Section: Young Adult Book Reviews

Grades 7-12

Reviewed by Rhonda Jeffers, Children's Services Librarian, Coweta Public Library System, Newnan, GA.

If I could flyFifteen-year-old Doris lives a lonely life; most of her time is spent in solitude because her musician parents perform in nightclubs rather than raising their daughter.  When her mother becomes ill and returns to Puerto Rico to focus on improving her health and starting a new singing career, Doris’ father soon turns his interest to his new girlfriend and Doris feels even more alone.  Instead of turning to family and friends for support, she develops a relationship with the homing pigeons that gather on the roof of the apartment building where she lives.  As she watches the pigeons, Doris discovers what she needs to find her place in the world.  This latest Cofer offering exudes an imaginative spirit and is written in a style relatable to contemporary teens in school and public libraries alike.  Recommended. 

If I Could Fly. Judith Ortiz Cofer. New York: Farrar Straus Giroux, 2011. 208 pp. $17.99 (Hardback). ISBN 978-0374335175. Grades 7-12. English with Some Spanish.

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