Journey of Dreams
Thursday, April 1, 2010
by: Dr. Jamie Campbell Naidoo

Section: Young Adult Book Reviews

April Edition

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Reviewed by Dr. Jamie Campbell Naidoo is an Assistant & Foster-EBSCO Endowed Professor School of Library & Information Studies University of Alabama. He received his Ph.D. in Communication and Information Studies from the University of Alabama and holds a Masters of Library and Information Studies from the University of Alabama.

Tomasa watches in horror as her peaceful village in the Highlands of Guatemala is leveled by guerrilla soldiers who burn her home; massacre her Abuela, neighbors, and friends; and steal her hope for survival. Set in the mid 1980s, the gripping narrative follows the thirteen-year-old Tomasa and her family as they set out on an arduous journey through Guatemala, Mexico, and eventually to the United States where they attempt to seek political refuge. Imbued with elements of magical realism and oral tradition, this thriller is sure to spark discussion and provide teens with a new perspective on the reasons families immigrate into the “land of the free.” Recommended.
Journey of Dreams. Marge Pellegrino. London: Frances Lincoln Children’s Books, 2009. 250 pp. $15.95 (Hardcover). ISBN 978-1-84780-061-9. Grades 6-9. English with Spanish and Quiché.

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