You Don't Have a Clue:Latino Mystery Stories for Teens
Grades 9-12
Wednesday, December 28, 2011
by: Mark Steudel

Section: Young Adult Book Reviews

Fall/Winter 2011

Reviewed by Mark Steudel, Assistant Director of Development Research, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa.

Several well established Latino writers lend their talents to this notable collection of young adult mystery stories. Set in Latino communities across the U.S. and dealing with a diverse set of issues relevant to today’s Latino teens, these stories are at once engaging and topical. The stories run the entire spectrum of the mystery genre, as realistic plots about crimes at school are juxtaposed against more fantastic tales about alien fugitives. As is often the case in anthologies of this variety, the quality of the individual selections vary dramatically, and indeed, the collection probably would have benefited by the omission of a couple of the poorer contributions. Overall, however, one finds much to recommend about this book, and Latino young adult readers will surely be entertained by these gripping stories narrated by protagonists with whom they can actually identify. Highly Recommended.

You Don't Have a Clue: Latino Mystery Stories for Teens. Ed. by Sarah Cortez. Houston, TX : Pinata Books, 2011. 312 pp. $16.95 (pbk.). ISBN 978-1-55885-692-9. Grades 9-12. English with Some Spanish.


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