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Early Lit

It had never occurred to me that early literacy in computer format had its adversaries. It wasn't until I arrived in Chicago for ALA 2013 that I heard the first whisper of it. My heart sank. Is early literacy truly a parent and a child and a book? And is that's the case, what if my collaboration, and ultimate grand donation, becomes the ruination of my community? I was totally stunned; confused... Read Mas!

Ma's Bookshop:

A few evenings ago, after finishing a sensible meal of roasted vegetables, I decided to head to my local book retailer, Barnes & Noble, to check out the scene. I wish I could say I was doing so under the guise of buying books, or leafing through an elegant fashion magazine, or downing a soothing yet spicy latte to round out my rather boring dinner. Innocent, it was not. I drove there to "check it out" as in "I've heard Barnes & Noble has announced several closing in big cities" and I wanted to see how my local retailer was faring. Read Mas!

Vamos a la Libreria

The day Mrs. Adams returned my spelling quiz with an almost perfect score (9 out of 10), she asked if I was watching TV in English. Mrs. Garza, my homeroom 7th grade teacher, had made it a point of reminding me every day: "no more television en espanol," even on the morning of the poetry contest when everyone memorized an Edgar Allan Poe poem she gave me permission to recite one in Spanish. "Hear that?" she turned to the whole class after I finished, "it's better than what you hear in those telenovelas," admonishing those of us who had just arrived in the country, only to remind us again: "no more television en espanol.". Read Mas!

Photo Credit- "Exposicion El Santo: Leyenda de Plata" Centro Cultural de Mexico Contemporaneo

Adverstising Roundup

Who is paying attention to Latinos in the media? For a little background, here are two articles from the Huffington Post... Each month we will be featuring advertisers who have realized the importance and value of the Latino/Hispanic marketing.

Letter to Superintendent John J. Pedicone, Ph.D.
We are writing to express our intense gratitude for your continuing, yet albeit wholly indirect, support of Ethnic Studies in the United States of America. Put simply, if it were not for you upholding Arizona state law ARS15-112, which prohibits the use of educational materials that, "promote the overthrow of the United States government; promote resentment toward a race or class of people; are designed primarily for pupils of a particular ethnic group; advocate ethnic solidarity instead of the treatment of pupils as individuals," then Ethnic Studies in the United States might still be relegated to a tangential artery of U.S. literature.
Latinos on Television
For the past couple of weeks, David Letterman has begun tweeting. He reached out on Twitter to the two Jimmys (Fallon and Kimmel), Jay, Conan, Craig and the cable twins (Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert). Here we are in the second decade of the 21st century and late night TV is still all white and all male.
Donde estan los e-books ?
Recently our library purchased the official Youth Services iPad and as soon as it was out of the box we had several recommended Apps downloaded all of which were all in English.