REFORMA Nominations

For more almost 50 years REFORMA has been committed to the improvement of library and information services for all Latinos and Spanish-speaking in the United States. We need good leaders to continue this mission. 
The REFORMA Nominations Committee is looking for dedicated members in good standing to run for the following positions on the REFORMA Executive Committee:
  • Vice-President / President Elect – one year (serves as President for the following year and then one year as the Immediate Past President)
  • Secretary – two years
  • Chapter Representative—East Region – two years
  • Chapter Representative—Central Region – two years
Please consult the REFORMA Manual for the full description of responsibilities for each position. The manual is currently being revised, but the main responsibilities for each position should remain the same.

One of the most significant contributions you can make to REFORMA is to participate in our annual nominations process to ensure that highly qualified and dedicated colleagues can continue our long tradition of excellence and leadership. Self-nominations are welcomed and encouraged.

When submitting your nomination, we ask that you please consider the following:
  • Quality and length of leadership roles with REFORMA, including serving on committees and work for local chapters.
  • Commitment and ability to work effectively as a member of the Executive Committee and to fulfill the responsibilities of the position as described in the manual.
  • Additional relevant leadership roles for other organizations and/or board membership experience, if any.
We encourage you to nominate yourself or an individual interested in a leadership position committed to serve on the REFORMA Executive Committee and Board of Directors. Nominees must have current membership status in REFORMA. Candidacy for nomination does not mean automatic nomination to the Executive Committee.

Please send the contact information (name, email, phone#) of the person you are nominating via email to:  by Friday, February 28, 2020.

We need good leaders to continue the mission of REFORMA that it is committed to the improvement of library and information services for all Latinos and Spanish-speaking in the United States.

Thank you for your consideration and support!

REFORMA Nominations Committee
Maria F Kramer, Chair
Kenny Garcia, REFORMA President
Oscar Baeza, Vice President/President Elect
Madeline de la Peña-Feliz, REFORMA Immediate Past-President