Selina Gomez-Beloz Statement

REFORMA’s rich history and leadership have had such an impact on my career and life as a librarian. I have learned so much from our previous leaders as I had the privilege to meet them over years. Their passion, their knowledge, and their dedication to serving Latinos in the library community fueled my own desire to make a difference and become part of such a wonderful community. Now, 20 years into my chosen path, I hope to continue this tradition of passion, knowledge, and dedication as President of REFORMA 16/17 for new members and for those of us who have been a part of REFORMA for so long.

In recent years REFORMA leadership has faced organizational challenges with aplomb and tenacity. I hope to continue this work and bring my organizational skills to benefit REFORMA. I have worked with REFORMA in different ways over the years, from being the Chair of the Public Relations for five years, serving as President of the Northwest Chapter, and mostly recently as one of three planning co-chairs of the REFORMA National Conference V. While managing my own building and staff I was also President of the Hispanic Roundtable of the South Sound for three years. ( This non-profit, located in Washington state, aimed to help service organizations in five counties serve the growing Latino population. Being President meant I was responsible for not only leading this organization, but also leading the planning committee to present the Latino Youth Summit, a one day educational summit for Latino high school students from five counties.

I carry with me each day a commitment to improve and deliver excellent services to my library community. That commitment includes a focus on services to Latinos and the Spanish speaking, as well as other underrepresented communities in my area. Lessons learned through my experience and from others in REFORMA have been invaluable. I hope to bring these lessons of activism, community, creating strong foundations and relationships, and reaching out to others to benefit those we serve to national REFORMA. Additionally, it is my intention to continue the work to keep REFORMA relevant and growing as an affiliate of ALA and to a partner to the other ethnic caucuses.

Let us move forward with the pride and determination, our ganas, together for REFORMA’s continued success.

Selina Gomez-Beloz