Patricia Valdovinos Statement

Patricia Valdovinos
Nominee REFORMA Member at Large Representative

Patricia Valdovinos

Statement of Purpose

Dear REFORMA Members,
Thank you so much for the opportunity to be nominated to serve as a Member-at-Large Representative for REFORMA. As a librarian new to the field, I am honored to work with and for the REFORMA community in the upcoming years.
Through my experience working with underrepresented and diverse communities as a student, mentor, and within libraries, I believe it is crucial to provide safe, inclusive, and inspiring spaces that reflects relatable material and resources. As both a librarian and researcher, it is important for our field to provide information while also listening and learning from our community members. 

As an Adult Services Librarian for the Yolo County Library, I work among a variety of diverse individuals who represent different communities. Through my work at the reference desk, my outreach efforts at health fairs, conferences, and events in Yolo County, as well as through my developing work with migrant centers, I am learning to listen and develop what a mentor of mine calls “confianza” among folks who are not using the library and its resources. I am committed to serving underrepresented and diverse communities who historically have been marginalized by society through space, information, resources, and activism.

As a REFORMA member, I am grateful to have a community of mentors and allies who share the value of disrupting practices that for so long have left diverse faces and equitable resources out. Through my participation as a Spectrum Scholar, I know firsthand about the importance of seeing familiar faces in spaces and resources within the library world.

I am excited about the possibility of servicing as Member-at-Large for REFORMA. As a representative, I will continue working towards increasing equitable resources for Spanish speaking communities and Latinas/os by working closely with REFORMA members and representatives as well as the overall committee. I will listen and work with members so that we communally develop ideas that fit the needs of the diverse communities we all work for. In addition, I will make myself as available as much possible to listen and assist members who feel as though their needs are not being met. Through monthly meetings as well as consistent contact with those I am representing, we will work collectively to discuss ideas, resolutions to challenges, and provide mentorship. I believe constant communication is important for any organization as it makes members feel valued and appreciated.

I believe in the work of community and value what I can learn from others as much as they can learn from me. My experiences with libraries and passion for social justice make me a candidate ready to work alongside REFORMA. Thank you for your consideration and I greatly appreciate your vote as 2017-2019 Member-at-Large Representative for REFORMA.

Patricia Valdovinos