REFORMA Mentoring Committee: Protégé Guide

“It has to start somewhere, it has to start sometime, what better place than here? What better time than now?” ~Zack de la Rocha

What is mentoring?

"... a supportive learning realtionship between a caring individual who shares knowledge, experience, and wisdom with another individual who is ready and willing to both develop leadership qualities and partnership skills, as well as to realize a vision benefit from this exchange. The benefits received are professional career path growth and enrichment.” ~Suzanne Faure

What is our mission?

The Mentoring Committee encourages an interdependent community of leaders through a mindful and mutually beneficial network of protégés and mentors with the shared purpose of engaging Latinxs with libraries.

What's in it for me?

This is a chance to gain experience and knowledge by working one-on-one with an enthusiastic colleague who is ready to share lessons from the field and also learn from you.

You will get:

  • Exposure to new ideas and interests
  • New opportunities for professional challenges
  • Personal satisfaction in sharing your career experience, knowledge and skills
  • Opportunity to reflect on your own practices
  • Enhanced confidence from positive feedback
  • Opportunity to practice developmental behaviors outside own direct line responsibilities
  • Development of own self-awareness
  • Greater understanding of other library organizations and library roles
  • Learning from the shared interactions with your mentor
How does it all work?
  • Be a member of REFORMA
  • Review this page
  • Complete the online application
  • Get paired with a mentor, you’re now a “duo”
  • Smile
  • Commit to approximately six months, or 24 weeks, of duo activity
  • Spend at least 20 minutes each week communicating and interacting with your mentor
  • Work on a collaborative Latinx book review project for REFORMA
  • Breathe
  • Your mentor will follow a simple week-by-week outline
  • They will maintain confidentiality and work to build a trusting relationship with you
  • Contact the Mentoring Committee with feedback, questions, and/or concerns
  • Celebrate