Storytime Resources in Spanish

While REFORMA members from around the country would love to enter the detention facilities and work directly with the children held there, that is not possible at this time.  We are looking for REFORMISTAS who can add to the on-line resources listed below.  These sites are intended to provide the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) personnel and other social service agencies with on-line video and audio resources in Spanish that can be used with the unaccompanied refugee children. We would also like to make available library contact information for the children who are released from detention so that they and their caregivers understand that public libraries in the United States are places where anyone can go and get information that will help them in their lives.

For the social service agencies and faith-based organizations that may be providing shelter to these children after their processing, our local REFORMA chapters would like to volunteer our members to help provide storytime and library activities in your faciilities.  Please review the list of local chapter contacts at the REFORMA web page to find REFORMA members in your community.

Some Sample Resources for Storytime activities include:

Cuenta Cuentos Jara/ Jara, the storyteller

Video cuentos infantiles en español/ Videos of children stories in Spanish

Videos para niños/ Videos for children

Cuenta Cuentos de Salvat/ Storyteller from Salvat

Cuenta Cuentos de Beatriz Montero/ Beatriz Montero, the storyteller

Colección de Cuentos para Educar en Valores desde la Primera Infancia
Collection of stories to educate children about values

Abecedario en Español/ The Alphabet in Spanish

Canciones y cuentos para niños en español (Por Bibliotecas Para La Gente-Reforma Chapter San Francisco)
Songs and children stories in Spanish

"Mamá, ¿De qué color son los besos?" (España)

"Mom, What Color are Kisses?" (only in Spanish)(Spain)

Cuentos Infantiles

Latinas 4 Latino Literature

Series of Animated Stories Revitalise Indigenous Languages in Mexico

Si conoce de otros recursos adicionales que entiende que podrian beneficiar a los niños en crisis, les pedimos por favor que los comparta con nosotros enviándonos un correo electrónico a

If you have additional resources that you think would be of use to the Children in Crisis, please email them to