Getting around in Denver

Ground Transportation

Once you arrive at Denver International Airport you have several options in getting to the Westin Denver Downtown or the Sheraton Denver Downtown, or other downtown Denver hotels.

One option would be to take public transportation.  You would take the Skyride bus from the airport, route AF – Denver/Cold Springs to the Market Street Station located in downtown Denver.  The cost is $11.00 one way and it take approximately 45 minutes to get downtown.  Once you get to the Market Street station, go to the street level and catch the 16th Street Mall Shuttle.  It will take you the 2 blocks to the Westin or 10 blocks to the Sheraton.  For more information on the Skyride please click on the following link:

Another option would be to take a cab to the hotel.  The rate from the airport to downtown Denver is $54.75 (1-4 passengers).  For more information on the 4 taxi services available from the airport to the Westin Tabor Center, please go to



REFORMA conference attendees can take advantage of a special discount rate on the incredibly efficient SuperShuttle Denver to and from Denver International Airport and the Westin Denver Downtown, Sheraton Denver Downtown, and other downtown Denver hotels.

SuperShuttle discounted rate for RNC IV attendees: $32 round-trip or $19 one way per person.
For online reservations/payment:
(Must use discount code 5ZLQ7)


Regional Transportation District

Denver’s RTD, or Regional Transportation District (, has a website that gives information about traveling in the city including information about fares, transfers, and information about their “call-n-Ride” service.


Free Mall Ride (Between Westin Denver Downtown and Sheraton Denver Downtown)

Both hotels are on the 16th Street Mall, 8 blocks apart, in downtown Denver. It’s easy to get from one to the other.

There is a Free MallRide (shuttle bus) that runs the entire length of the 16th Street Mall in the downtown area.  A five-minute ride on the MallRide will get you from one hotel to the other; or you can take a 10-minute leisurely walk between hotels.  Each shuttle bus is clearly marked "FREE MallRide".  These are the only buses that operate along the mall, so therefore it's impossible to get on the wrong bus"if you're on the 16th Street Mall. The FREE MallRide operates between 5am and 1:30am each day.  These are hybrid electric vehicles –quiet and no diesel fumes!  If you want to use the Free MallRide to explore the entire length of the 16th St. Mall, it takes about 10 minutes to go from one end of the mall to the opposite end.  It’s a great way to explore the restaurants and attractions in the immediate area!

The Free MallRide is NOT provided by the hotels -- it is provided by the Denver area regional transportation agency known as RTD (Regional Transportation District).  A bus comes by about every 2-3 minutes, with stops on every block.

To get to Friday evening’s reception at Denver Public Library:  if staying at the Westin we recommend you use the Free MallRide to get to the end of the line at Civic Center Station, followed by a 3-block walk along Broadway which gets you to the festivities at DPL.  Allow about 15 minutes for your short journey -- volunteer guides will be available to get you to your destination!

Here is a link that provides further info about the Free MallRide:


Other Transportation Systems

Travel using the city’s bus system.  Check schedules here.

Use the light rail to travel.  Check schedules here.

Also, find out more about the city’s bike sharing program, B-Cycle, by clicking here.