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Catapult publishes award-winning fiction and nonfiction of the highest literary caliber, offers writing classes taught by acclaimed emerging and established writers, produces an award-winning daily online magazine of narrative nonfiction and fiction, and hosts an open online platform where writers can showcase their own writing, find resources, and get inspired.

Fondo de Cultura Económica

El Fondo de Cultura Económica (FCE, o simplemente “el Fondo”) es un grupo editorial en lengua española, asentado en México, con presencia en todo el orbe hispanoamericano.

Lantia Publishing

Lantia Publishing realiza la gestión integral de servicios de publicación para editoriales, empresas, organismos públicos y autores. Los libros son nuestra pasión.

Latin American Book Source, Inc.

Latin American Book Source, Inc. was founded in 1989. Our mission has been to be a bridge to the Spanish-speaking world. Students and professors across the nation enjoy our broad base of selections that go beyond popular titles. Librarians and book buyers appreciate the availability of specialty and rare publications.

Lectorum Publications Inc.

Lectorum opened its doors in 1960 as a trade bookstore, catering to the needs of the general public and college students in the New York Metropolitan area. Lectorum soon became a nation-wide distribution center serving public schools, public libraries, universities, and bookstores. Since then, Lectorum Publication has grown to become the largest Spanish language book distributor in the country with over 25,000 titles from more than 500 domestic and foreign publishers. Lectorum is also the publisher of many fine children's books in Spanish.

Library Market

From our design strategies to our development process, Library Market is committed to enhancing the library experience you create for your patrons. Our mission is to help you tell a better library story. Our product line includes Library Website, our website development platform; Library Calendar, our event registration and room reservation system; and Library Brand, our marketing and branding services.

Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial

Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial es la división en lengua española de la compañía editorial internacional Penguin Random House. El grupo editorial está especializado en la edición y distribución de libros, para ofrecer a lectores y autores la mejor experiencia en el ámbito de la literatura, con la doble intención de potenciar la creatividad literaria y de fomentar el valor de la lectura en la sociedad.

Vista Higher Learning

We are world travelers, educators, editors, linguists, and technology enthusiasts. We’re explorers, innovators, thinkers, life-long learners, and creators. We’re a team of intellectually curious, seriously passionate, culturally minded individuals dedicated to building highly engaging and authentic print and digital language products that foster an appreciation for world languages and cultures, both in and out of the classroom.