Denice Adkins Statement

REFORMA Treasurer
Statement of Purpose

I have been active in REFORMA since my first year of library school in 1992. My REFORMA activity includes serving on the Education Committee. Prior to that, I served as the President of REFORMA in 2012-13 and co-chaired the Fifth REFORMA National Conference in San Diego in 2015.  

I grew up in Arizona and got my MLS and Ph.D degrees from the University of Arizona. I have worked at libraries in Las Vegas, NV and Denver, CO, and the LIS education programs at the University at Buffalo (NY) and the University of Missouri (since 2001). I have also been a Fulbright Scholar to Honduras (2008) and an ALA Councilor-at-Large (2014-2017).

I want to be Treasurer because I want to ensure that REFORMA is in a strong position to take on future challenges and help lead and diversify the professions of librarianship and information science. In 2015, I had responsibility for budgeting for the REFORMA National Conference.  From 2015-2018, I served as the Secretary-Treasurer of the Association for Library and Information Science Education, involved in such things as determining how and when to spend money to support the association’s goals, and being part of the team that made difficult decisions in order to save money. I believe my experience and my dedication to REFORMA will allow me to succeed in the role of Treasurer, to serve the association that has given me so much support during my career.