David Lopez Statement

David Lopez
Nominee for REFORMA Chapter Representative—Western Region (2019-2021)
Statement of Purpose

Dear Reformistas

As Reformistas, it should be our goal to support upcoming and newly inducted professionals into the library field, present calls to action with regard to literacy and library resources for our Latino communities, raise awareness and support marginalized citizens through our work in libraries and beyond. We are an organization of library professionals, yes, but for me, REFORMA has always been an alternative space, a familia, a chosen network of individuals who have inspired me and aided me in my professional, academic and personal endeavors.

I am a proud promoter of what REFORMA can offer new and existing members. Serving as Public Relations Chair since 2014, Orange County Chapter President from 2014-2016 and working closely with the Children in Crisis Taskforce has given me great insight on how necessary REFORMA is for the future of libraries, especially during such tumultuous political times in our country.

I have served as Western Region Chapter Representative from 2017-2019 where I have worked diligently with the Executive Board during one of the organization’s most difficult financial setbacks. During my time as Chapter Rep I have assisted in the creation for two new California Chapter (Inland Empire and Central Coast) and aided in the re-instatement of the California Gold Chapter. I have chosen to continue as Chapter Representative and if elected, I aim to raise membership, continue to elevate REFORMA’s missions and facilitate ways for chapters to collaborate more effectively. It would be a great honor to serve as Western Region Chapter Rep and continue my work with REFORMA on a new level.