Dolly Lopez Statement

Balladolid (Dolly) Lopez
Nominee for REFORMA Chapter Representative - Western Region

Growing up in rural Madera, one of my biggest joys was checking out Spanish and English books from my school library. Now, I’m running to be your next REFORMA Chapter Representative of the Western Region because I’d like to give back to a community that connects other Spanish speakers to information. In my role as electronic resources librarian at California State University, Fresno, I understand how important it is to communicate with patrons, library colleagues, and vendors as things constantly change. I regularly communicate and facilitate information by sending periodic newsletters, attending meetings outside my area, and regularly communicating with stakeholders via email, phone calls, and/or video calls. I hope to bring this same passion for facilitating information and communication to this role. If given this opportunity, my focus will be on being an effective conduit of information between the chapters and the board. There’s a lot I’ll need to learn but I’m passionate in making sure that communication is a two-way street. This includes communicating with chapters such Bibliotecas para la Gente, California Gold, Inland Empire, Libros (San Diego), Los Angeles, Orange County, and Reforma del Valle Central either via emails, phone calls, and/or video calls to understand the various concerns, issues, and thoughts folks may have. My goal would be to regularly update the chapters on issues the Executive Board is voting on, report on REFORMA Annual Meetings, and be at the chapter members’ disposal for any questions that may come up. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to be a member of such a great organization and that is why I am requesting for your vote to be your next REFORMA Chapter Representative of the Western Region.

Thank you!