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Full-time Youth Services Guide - Anythink Perl Mack (Spanish speaking candidates desired)
<p><strong>Job title:</strong> Guide (part customer education, part reference advocate, part event planning)<br /> <strong>Business Unit:</strong> Branch Services<br /> <strong>Hiring Pay range:</strong> $3,957 to $4,551 per month<br /> <strong>Job Type:</strong> Full-time; exempt; benefited<br /> <br /> <span style="font-size: 10pt; font-family: 'Trebuchet MS', sans-serif;">At Anythink, we believe that everyone is creative, and that creativity comes in many forms. We are guided by the philosophy that people thrive when they discover and follow their passions, collaborate with others and become creators. As a Guide, you will design informal learning opportunities that create magical, transformative experiences for our customers of all ages with an emphasis on children, teens, and families in a growing community. If you are a person with knowledge and experience with collections and innovative programming and have a friendly and approachable style, being a Guide at Anythink could be your dream job. Spanish speaking candidates are preferred. </span><br /> <br /> <strong>Job description:</strong><br /> You create amazing experiences for our library customers. You are the person who connects the customer with information they seek. You develop and implement outstanding experience zone programs. You are a trainer and program coordinator at the branch. You are a natural leader, knowledgeable on all library operations and respected for your ability to have the customer leaving thrilled about the library.<br /> <br /> Ready to join in a bold opportunity to help us take community library services to an entirely new dynamic realm?<br /> <br /> <strong>Who you are:</strong><br /> &bull; Whether in front of a group of people or working one-on-one, you&#39;re a natural-born teacher.<br /> &bull; You understand customer needs and enjoy connecting them with the right solutions; you&#39;re a sleuth at heart.<br /> &bull; You are an active listener; you&#39;re intuitive to people&#39;s needs.<br /> &bull; You engage well with others and are passionate about providing an exemplary customer experience.<br /> &bull; You&#39;re a team player who thinks quickly on your feet.<br /> &bull; You are a good listener with lots of patience.<br /> &bull; You&#39;re excited about the prospect of growing and learning in a changing environment.<br /> &bull; You inspire fun in the people around you.<br /> <br /> <strong>A position you&#39;ll love:</strong><br /> &bull; You develop and conduct programs, presentations and workshops and create participatory experiences for our customers.<br /> &bull; You are a wizard at teaching our library customers and staff how to use technology from e-readers to our online databases.<br /> &bull; You are the genius reference go-to person in the library.<br /> &bull; You design &quot;how-to&quot; training for library customers and staff on library basics such as copier 101 training, meeting room projector training, and digital camera interface training.<br /> &bull; You share your passion for our product by making sure our collections are timely and fresh and our displays are refreshed and looking beautiful.<br /> &bull; You love meeting and inspiring new people. You enjoying talking about and offering meaningful recommendations of the latest books, movies and music.<br /> &bull; You are an explorer; you are out on the floor with the library customers helping them with their journey through our amazing library.<br /> &bull; You are the outgoing tour guide of library; you share your knowledge about the library operations while entertaining your group.<br /> &bull; You know your way around technology, having the ability to teach new users about basic computer skills to more techie things like creating music, transferring images from digital cameras, and creating top-quality presentations using STEM philosophy and authentic learning.<br /> &bull; You make connections that enrich our library customer experience through developing online/paper bibliographies, adding content to the wikis, displays and creating transformational programming.<br /> &bull; You are a leader, happily taking on lead responsibilities, including person in charge, trainer of staff on operating procedures, and lead over other staff.<br /> &bull; You reach out to the community, presenting workshops for your local area.<br /> &bull; You are the branch liaison to committees, schools or other task forces.<br /> &bull; You are always looking for opportunities to have our library customers feel welcome; you register them for a library card, help them with a fee, request a book through RLD or ILL, assist them in our copy center, or walk them through their basic computer needs.<br /> &bull; You see the big picture, you understand when to jump and help in different areas.<br /> &bull; You have great ideas to share on District committees.<br /> &bull; You do the right thing. Every decision you make and action you take is an opportunity to demonstrate our collective integrity.<br /> <br /> <strong>Do you have what it takes?</strong><br /> &bull; Bachelor&#39;s degree<br /> &bull; MLS or Master&#39;s degree preferred<br /> &bull; You have presentation or training experience<br /> &bull; Continuous learner<br /> &bull; Digital literacy<br /> &bull; Library or bookstore experience preferred<br /> <br /> <strong>We are guided by these shared values:</strong><br /> Compassion for our customers and each other<br /> Passion for our product.<br /> Eagerness to learn<br /> Everyone is Creative<br /> Optimistic attitude - we believe that anything is possible<br /> <br /> <strong>Why Anythink Libraries?</strong> A job with Anythink is a chance to use your knowledge and experience to enable transformations every day. You will be instrumental in helping our customers have fun, whether they&#39;re sitting by the fireplace with a newspaper, surfing the Internet, gaming in the teen room or learning something new at one of our many intriguing and entertaining programs. As you help and inspire others, you will also be inspired. This job will have you loving Monday mornings again.<br /> <br /> Your job will involve your being &#39;on the move&#39; in our libraries: You need to stand, walk, crouch, stoop, squat, twist, climb, push/pull up to 50 pounds, and lift up to 25 pounds.</p> <p>Expect evening and weekend shifts as part of your schedule.</p> <p>REMEMBER TO APPLY BY THE POSTING DEADLINE.</p> <p>Please submit a cover letter and resume for this posting.</p>
Position: Full-time Youth Services Guide - Anythink Perl Mack (Spanish speaking candidates desired)
Organization: Anythink Libraries
Location: Thornton,  CO 
United States
Salary: $3,957 to $4,551 per month
Posting Start Date: 10/8/2021
Date Posted: 10/8/2021
Status: This listing expires on: 1/6/2022
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