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Associate LIbrarian for Researcher and Collections Services
Are you a transformational leader passionate about library collections and service to researchers? The Library of Congress, holder of the largest collection of research materials ever assembled, is looking for a leader with significant experience in managing collections and/or research &reference services at a large library or cultural heritage organization to guide us during a period of significant growth and change as the Associate Librarian for Researcher and Collection Services (AL-RCS).
The AL-RCS ensures the quality development of the collections -- including tangible, digitized, and born digital -- acquired by the Library through multiple acquisition streams (purchase, gift, copyright deposit, web archiving, open content, and exchange) and develops, effective, innovative, and equitable means for researchers to use them. Collections included under the scope of the AL-RCS include those within the Library’s Special Collections Directorate, General and International Collections Directorate, and National Audio Visual Conservation Center. The current collection size is >174M items. The AL-RCS provides leadership and direction for a comprehensive, inclusive collection strategy for the Library’s national collection in all formats.
Leading over 550 dedicated RCS employees, as well as working closely with colleagues throughout the Library Collections & Services Group and Library-wide, the next AL-RCS will have an important opportunity to build and shape the future of the Library’s collections, as well as access to them. As the de facto national library, the Library continues to collect in both analog and digital form though like other research libraries, the shift from collections as predominantly print-based materials to collections that are increasingly born digital and electronically-delivered content is driving the Library’s new Digital Collections Strategy work. The evolving environment secures the Library’s future as steward of a “universal and enduring source of knowledge,” functioning as a “research library of last resort’ while simultaneously adopting a digital-forward strategy that harnesses technology to bridge geographical divides, expand reach, and enhance service. The incumbent will work closely with the Associate Librarian for Discovery & Preservation Services to organize, digitize and make information accessible, and to enrich the online and offsite user experience in support of traditional and evolving forms of research.
 S/he will emphasize diversity, equity, and inclusion in our collections strategies, and ensure that our practices around collecting, description, and access enable the inclusion of historically marginalized and underrepresented narratives, perspectives, and people. S/he will collaborate with other service units across the Library to create programs to share these collections, provide engagement opportunities – both in person and virtual – to enable all users to connect with the Library’s collections, and celebrate significant intellectual and cultural achievements. Under the leadership of the AL-RCS, the service unit is responsible for increasing public awareness of the Library as a scholarly and cultural institution through communications and products promoting the knowledge and usefulness of the Library and scholarly resources; and for broadening the knowledge and use of Library resources.
In supporting the Library’s position as a leader in the library and cultural heritage communities, s/he must support and invest in the professional development, engagement, and advancement of our staff members, ensuring that our personnel have the skills to accommodate changes in the information provision, collections strategy, and the needs and expectations of our users. Respecting tradition and enabling innovation, the incumbent will help ensure the continuing relevance of the Library of Congress to more Americans and the world at large.

A recorded information session provides an overview of the position, the Library Collections & Services Group in which it is seated, the executive leadership aspects of the position, addresses questions received about the position, as well as general information about applying for Library of Congress positions.  Please see https://bit.ly/LOC-AL-RCS-info to view the session, as well as a link to the application location. The application deadline is July 25, 2022.

The Library is using JDG Associates to assist in this important search. It is strongly recommended that interested parties contact JDG Associates for additional information about the position, in addition to attending the info session.  Please see https://bit.ly/LOC-AL-RCS.
Position: Associate LIbrarian for Researcher and Collections Services
Organization: Library of Congress
Location: Washington,  DC 
United States
Salary: 203,700.00
Posting Start Date: 6/14/2023
Date Posted: 7/10/2022

Conditions of Employment

  • See requirements listed below under Qualifications Required.


Your resume is important to this application process. It will be reviewed to determine whether you possess the qualifications referenced above. All applicants are required to submit a resume that provides specific information (to include accomplishments, work experience and education/training) that clearly describes what you would bring to the position. Additionally, a cover letter contextualizing your experience is preferred though not required. The Supervisor leads his/her staff toward meeting the Library’s vision, mission, and goals by acting decisively, leveraging diversity and inclusiveness, demonstrating flexibility and resilience, fostering continuous improvement and innovation, and fostering integrity and honesty. To view the Library’s Supervisory Core Competencies click the following link: http://www.loc.gov/hr/employment/uploads/loc_supervisor_core_competencies.pdf.  

Conditions of Employment 

At present, the Library of Congress will not enforce an earlier policy to require all employees be vaccinated against COVID-19. However, employees are required to certify their vaccination status, which is used to plan and implement workplace safety protocols, such as those related to mask-wearing, physical distancing, testing, travel, and quarantine. Upon request, new hires may be required to show proof of vaccination to the Health Services Division. Library employees who are not vaccinated may be required to undergo testing for COVID-19 every seven days

Library of Congress employees are prohibited from using illegal drugs, including marijuana. The Library is part of the Federal Government and abides by federal law, so regardless of individual state or District of Columbia laws, marijuana use is illegal, considered criminal activity, and can affect your employment at the Library. In addition, past drug use and activities (e.g., selling or distributing) may deem you ineligible for employment.



The competencies below are required for this position.  Those marked with a double asterisk (**) are considered the most critical competencies for this position.

A candidate's resume must show a proven record of accomplishment that clearly demonstrates he or she has:

Ability to lead and manage a program/area of responsibility.**  The successful candidate has the ability to acquire and administer human, financial, material, and information resources to accomplish an organization’s mission. Accomplished strategic and operational goals for an agency/organization and in doing so had the following responsibilities: 1) developed program performance objectives/targets that support the organization’s mission and goals, 2) conducted monthly or quarterly reviews and prepared annual assessments of accomplishments and outcomes/results, 3) advised senior level officials, 4) oversaw day-to-day operations directly and through subordinate supervisors, 5) worked with both internal and national external organizations to achieve program goals, 6) evaluated current and proposed programs and operations and recommended actions to initiate, modify, or discontinue projects, 7) developed and integrated policies and processes for your area of responsibility, and 8) planned, acquired, and organized resources and people.

Knowledge of the principles, concepts and techniques of modern librarianship as it relates to collections and provision of researcher services.**  The successful candidate applied professional knowledge of library and information management principles, concepts and techniques to manage library functions; envision collections acquisitions and management, as well as researcher services to support library programs in a research library setting; using this knowledge to create content, organize material, and provide access to analog and digital collections. Experience with the following: 1) setting priorities and policies for rare, distinctive and general collections management; 2) evaluation of collection materials to determine strategies to organize and make accessible; 3) providing leadership for a collection development program; and 4) working closely with library subject specialists in setting reference service priorities and targets.

Ability to build coalitions and professional networks.**  The successful candidate has the ability to identify, build and maintain relationships and professional networks to gain support and commitment from scholars and other learners; the publishing and creative community; and colleagues in the library and archival field. This includes: 1) participating in and representing the institution at professional association meetings; 2) working collaboratively with other departments, agencies and organizations to further agency goals and objectives; 3) establishing -successful relationships with donors and potential donors to obtain additions to Library collections; and 4) working with the research library and archival community to identify trends and issues related to the collections and services of the Library.

Ability to supervise, develop and lead a diverse cultural heritage workforce.**  The successful candidate has the ability to supervise, manage and provide leadership for a diverse workforce including: 1) establishing realistic yet challenging goals and standards; 2) supplying regular, constructive feedback, mentoring to assist staff in attaining their goals; 3) incorporating active participation of staff in planning, decision making and team building; 4) identifying skills and abilities of staff and any skill gaps in the workforce for current and future needs; 5) providing opportunities for training and career advancement; 6) hiring staff; 7) addressing staff performance, assessment, and disciplinary matters; 8) communicating performance expectations; 9) ensuring tasks are appropriately delegated and satisfactorily completed; and 10) creating and embracing an environment fostering diversity, integrity, and honesty focused on ongoing improvement to self and others and to customer service.

Ability to lead and inspire change.  The successful candidate has the ability to lead and inspire change in developing and implementing agency values, principles, and direction. This includes the ability to think creatively and recognize innovation; promote ideas with enthusiasm, conviction, and assertiveness; resolve contentious situations; solicit and consider others’ opinions; gain support and commitment from others; motivate and inspire others; demonstrate flexibility; and promote a culture of change and growth.

Ability to communicate effectively in writing and review and assess the writing of others.  The successful candidate has the ability to prepare a variety of clear, cogent, accurate, well-organized, and understandable complex and specialized documents related to the work of the position, such as: 1) funding proposals, 2) policies, 3) program goals and objectives, 4) business plans, 5) budget justifications, 6) research papers, 7) performance management documents/evaluations, and 8) other reports. This includes the ability to target an audience and shape communications so that they are appropriate and specific to technical and administrative activities.

Ability to present information orally through briefings, consultations, and other presentations.  The successful candidate has the ability to convey analysis and information orally through briefings, consultations and other presentations, in both planned and extemporaneous situations.  This included shaping the appropriate amount, form, depth and level of detail, and content of information to the needs of the receiver/audience.

Ability to communicate effectively other than in writing.  The successful candidate has the ability to effectively express ideas and recommendations other than in writing in various settings to peers, staff, managers, supervisors, and external audiences to both provide and seek information. This includes actively listening to or understanding communicated information and answering questions thoughtfully and completely.

Status: This listing expires on: 10/8/2022
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