Manny Figueroa Statement

Manuel (Manny) Figueroa
Nominee for Chapter Representative - East Region

Alma Ramos-McDermott
Throughout my 12 years as a member of REFORMA, I have had the opportunity to meet librarians and library professionals from around the country, cement friendships, create new professional networks, and most importantly, advocate for issues that have been important to me as a Latino librarian, and for issues that affect all libraries.
As I reflect upon my two-year term as Chapter Representative (East Region), I am grateful for the opportunity to serve my colleagues and my REFORMA family in this role, and I have learned a great deal working side-by-side with my fellow executive committee members and with other colleagues serving on various committees, as we undertake the important work of building a stronger and more effective association that strives to promote, develop, and advocate for the Latino and Spanish-speaking communities that we serve.
Over the past two years I have worked with the chapters comprising the East Region to ensure that there is consistent and effective communication between all of the chapters and REFORMA National. I have communicated with chapter presidents, providing them with information regarding new members, REFORMA events, programs, and initiatives and any other relevant information, as well as letting them know that I am available to answer any questions they may have and to provide them with guidance on any matter.
In 2019 I assisted REFORMA members in the formation of  a new chapter, the Mid-Atlantic Chapter, guiding them through the process of writing their letter of intent, incorporating as a non-profit organization, and drafting their chapter bylaws.
If re-elected as Chapter Representative (East Region) I hope to continue working closely with the chapters of the East Region to ensure that the voices and concerns of the members of each chapter are heard and addressed by REFORMA National through consistent and timely communication. Additionally, I look forward to  continuing to work with the Executive Committee of REFORMA as we carry out our mission of promoting library and information services to Latinos and the Spanish-speaking.