Membership Committee



  • Tess Tobin, Chair
  • Adriana Blancart-Hayward
  • Patrick Sullivan

Charge / Description

  1. Develops and manages REFORMA’s membership development, engagement and retention programs.
  2. Works with the Member-at-Large Representative and the Organizational Development and New Chapters Committee to analyze current REFORMA membership data to identify opportunities for the establishment of new REFORMA Chapters.
  3. Develops promotional materials explaining purpose, goals and benefits of REFORMA membership.
  4. Conducts surveys of the membership to assess member needs and to gather other member demographic data.
  5. Reviews and develops REFORMA Membership procedures and dues structures and make recommendations for changes to the Board .
  6. Resolves membership issues for individuals. 
  7. Maintains and manage the online member database.
  8. Creates annual goals and objectives for submission to the BOD at ALA Mid-Winter.
  9. Creates annual calendar of events/deadlines for submission to the BOD at ALA Mid-Winter.