Newsletter Submission

REFORMA National Newsletter Submission Guidelines

The REFORMA Newsletter’s objective is to keep members abreast of the latest developments in the organization and in library services to Latinos and the Spanish Speakers. In addition, this publication's purpose is to showcase individuals, institutions, and programs that have a positive impact on the professional lives of library workers preferably aligning with REFORMA’s goals:
  • Development of Spanish-language and Latino-oriented library collections
  • Recruitment of bilingual, multicultural library personnel
  • Promotion of public awareness of libraries and librarianship among Latinos
  • Advocacy on behalf of the information needs of the Latino community
  • Liaison to other professional organizations
Please thoroughly read and follow the article and graphics guidelines before submitting an article for consideration. Articles must follow these guidelines to be considered for publication.

Article Guidelines


Articles should be provided in Microsoft Word files (.doc or .docx) or a shared GoogleDoc. Do not use any fancy formatting, styles, or desktop publishing to produce your article. Do not send articles in PDF format.

Article Length

500-1200 words; longer articles accepted by previous arrangement.


All work is submitted on a volunteer basis.


Articles submitted can be in English and/or Spanish.

Spanish language Diacritical Marks

The correct spelling of Spanish language is of utmost importance. The newsletter committee recommends that authors consult appropriate resources to ensure proper orthography, especially noting diacritical marks, for example, “año”, “averigüé”, “cuál.”


The REFORMA Newsletter Committee retains electronic representation and distribution rights to its contents. The REFORMA Newsletter Committee reserves the right to re-use text and images in subsequent issues; the committee will do its best to notify original authors when this happens. Opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the position of REFORMA.

The REFORMA Newsletter Committee does not publish press releases, product announcements, articles about planned applications and proposed projects, or advertisements disguised as articles.


Articles that are submitted for publication should have proper grammar. When an author’s article is complete, the author should go through it to copy edit. The REFORMA Newsletter Committee will copy edit upon receipt of the article, but necessary revisions should be minimal at that point.

Graphics Guidelines

Send at least two, high-quality graphics with each article. These graphics can include screenshots, photographs, diagrams, and other visuals that can help tell the story.
  • You must either own or have permission (in writing, which you include with the submission) for each graphic submitted.
  • Send original images and other graphics saved with little or no compression in TIF, BMP, PNG, or JPEG format. Do not send images that have been embedded in a Microsoft Office product (Word, Excel, PowerPoint.) Picture publishing requires high-resolution image files, preferably 300 dots per inch (dpi).
  • Send a caption of each graphic in a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx) or a shared GoogleDoc correlating the graphic file name with the caption. Send graphics separately but at the same time as the article. Word documents and graphics can be bundled in a zip file format.
  • Your headshot and a short bio (425 characters or less) should accompany your article.

Article Submission Checklist

Please review this checklist before submitting your article:
  • Include the name, title, and affiliation(s) of all authors.
  • Use the full name of any organizations and spell out acronyms on first reference.
  • Include graphics to illustrate the article and write a caption for each graphic.
When your review is complete, please submit the article and graphics to