Partnership Grants

Current Projects

Equitable Voices in Libraries: Recruiting and Retaining Diverse Library Professionals (2021)

The Equitable Voices in Libraries blog rose out of the work from the IMLS grant, Telling Our Stories: Community Building to Recruit and Retain Latinx to the Library Profession. This grant has been a four–year project which explores workplace realities among librarians of color focusing on retention successes and shortcomings. The final project of the grant is a national Recruitment and Retention Survey.  The grant afforded rich dialogue on recruiting a diverse library workforce. The goal of the research study is to present empirical evidence or new insight on the factors that contribute to dissatisfaction and attrition among librarians of color.  Our goal is to deepen the LIS field’s knowledge of Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, and Middle Eastern librarian retention.

Careers in Libraries for Immigrants (2021)

Integrating Immigrants into the LIS Workforce: A Pilot, Collaborative Project is a one-year pilot project to introduce refugees and immigrants to the library professions through a self-paced mini-course entitled, Careers in Libraries for Immigrants (CILI). Funding has been provided by ALISE. The REFORMA Education Committee has partnered with the REFORMA Mid-Atlantic Chapter, Prince George's County Memorial Library System, and Montgomery County Library System for this project.

Building Bridges Across Cultures (2019-2022)

Rural Library & Social Wellbeing Project (2018-2021)

Past Projects

Cross Cultural Communicators in Libraries: Developing Culturally and Linguistically Competent Bilingual Library Professionals (2018-2020)

Telling Our Stories: Building Community to Improve Recruitment and Retention of Latinx to the Library Profession (2017-2018)

Go to Equitable Voices in Libraries: Recruiting and Retaining Diverse Library Professionals. Base information is based on this partnership grant.

From Seeds to Trees: Grow Your Own 21st Century Bilingual Librarian (2010-2013)