Partnership Grants

Current Projects

Careers in Libraries for Immigrants (2021)

Integrating Immigrants into the LIS Workforce: A Pilot, Collaborative Project is a one-year pilot project to introduce refugees and immigrants to the library professions through a self-paced mini-course entitled, Careers in Libraries for Immigrants (CILI). Funding has been provided by ALISE. The REFORMA Education Committee has partnered with the REFORMA Mid-Atlantic Chapter, Prince George's County Memorial Library System, and Montgomery County Library System for this project.

Building Bridges Across Cultures (2019-2022)

Rural Library & Social Wellbeing Project (2018-2021)

Past Projects

Cross Cultural Communicators in Libraries: Developing Culturally and Linguistically Competent Bilingual Library Professionals (2018-2020)

Telling Our Stories: Building Community to Improve Recruitment and Retention of Latinx to the Library Profession (2017-2018)

From Seeds to Trees: Grow Your Own 21st Century Bilingual Librarian (2010-2013)