REFORMANET was established as the official listserv of REFORMA (The National Association to Promote Library and Information Services to Latinos and the Spanish-speaking) in 1995. After changes at the institution that hosted the listserv, a review of the amount of energy it was taking to maintain the listserv, and the launch of the Association Management System (AMS) within REFORMA, it was decided to discontinue REFORMANET.  After requests from a number of Reformistas to reestablish the mailing list, and changes in the software being used, the REFORMA Board of Directors have decided to relaunch REFORMANET as an additional option for people to communicate with their colleagues. 
An email invitation to join REFORMANET will be sent on Tuesday, June 25th to all current REFORMA Members. We hope that you will accept it and join us on the new Google Groups mailing list for Reformistas. NOTE:  You will need to accept the invite within 7 days of receipt.
The Google Groups email discussion and announcement list DOES NOT REQUIRE that you have a Google account.  You will be able to use your institutional or personal email address to send and receive email messages on REFORMANET.
How to Post a Message
You will be able to send email messages to REFORMANET once you have accepted your invitation.
To post a message, send an email to The email you send will be forwarded on to all subscribers/group members, who can then reply in turn.
The default delivery method for all messages sent to REFORMANET is to receive every message as it arrives as a separate email. To change the delivery method to either Abridged (daily summary) or Digest (25 full messages bundled together as one message), you can either send a message to requesting the change and the REFORMANET administrator will make the change for you or you can make these changes yourself from the REFORMANET’s Google Group’s homepage. However, you will need to have a Google account to access this page.
Google Account
You will need a Google Account in order to login to REFORMANET’s Google Group homepage and manage your membership settings, such as how you receive messages posted to the group.
A Google Account does not mean you need to use Gmail. Instead, you’re simply setting up login credentials for you to access the Google Group. (Note: If your email is already linked with Google or if you’re using Gmail, then you already have a Google Account.)
To create a Google Account visit and complete the online form.
Make sure to use the same email address you have in your REFORMA Online Profile and the one that was used when you received your REFORMANET invite.
Once the form is completed, you’ll be sent a confirmation email from Google. Follow the URL in the email to verify your account and complete the process.
As the mailing list is launched we will roll out guidelines, online etiquette and FAQs related to its use.
Please feel free to email with any questions you may have about creating your account, accepting your invitation, or editing your membership.
REFORMA Online Forums
The AMS system provides Reformistas with online forums available via the REFORMA web site and we have also developed a growing presence on Facebook.  The REFORMANET mailing list is not meant to replace the AMS online forums or Facebook.  It is simply one more option.  Hopefully these multiple communication channels will allow Reformistas to find the method that works best for them to get the word out about the wonderful work they are doing within their communities.
Many thanks to Al Milo, former REFORMANET Administrator, for all the support and information that he has provided in moderating the previous listserv and for the information he has provided to make this relaunch of REFORMANET possible. Thanks also to Carlos Rodriguez for his work in coordinating the AMS project and the Google Groups mailing list.
- REFORMA Board of Directors