Translations Committee



  • Joanna M. Arteaga La Spina, Chair

Charge / Description

  • Advocates for the correct use of Spanish in printed and on-line materials, produced by libraries and library associations, intended for customer or staff use.
  • Concentrates on translations, English to Spanish only, that will serve the profession at large.
  • Encourages libraries to translate promotional and other customer service materials into Spanish.
  • Creates and maintains a standard Spanish-language library terminology and phrase book/list.
  • Serves as an advisory for libraries and library associations needing assistance with very brief translations (25 words or less). Provides this service free of charge but encourages users of the service to make a donation to the REFORMA Scholarship Fund.
  • Serves as a point of contact for REFORMA officers needing assistance with translations to carry forward official business of the organization.
  • Creates and maintains translation resources available on the REFORMA website and a bibliography of other available resources.
  • Aggregates currently existing Spanish-language library translation tools and discusses their strengths and weaknesses, or develops original tools (e.g. a Spanish-language library customer phrase book) that support the committee's goals and that also could be sold to benefit the REFORMA Scholarship Fund.
  • Facilitates the presentation of Survival Spanish Workshops at library conferences.



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  • Joanna M. Arteaga La Spina, Chair


  • Joanna M. Arteaga La Spina, Chair


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2018-2019 Roster

  • Lupie Leyva, Chair

2017-2018 Roster

  • Nicanor Diaz, Chair