REFORMA Child in Crisis Task Force Update

President Silvia Cisneros will be traveling to McAllen, TX on Tues, Sept 9th to deliver our 1st donation of 300 bokks to children at the Rio Grande Processing Center.
Dear REFORMA members,

After arduous work from our Children in Crisis Task Force, it is my pleasure to inform you that this coming Tuesday, September 9th, I will be traveling to McAllen Texas to deliver our first donation of 300 books to the children at the Rio Grande Processing Center. The books have been donated by Lectorum, Bilingual Publications, TOMO Books, Libros Books or through the generosity of the REFORMA members.

No information has yet been given to me as to how my day will look like. If given the opportunity, I will possibly be able to hand out a book to each child. The Children in Crisis Task Force has gone above and beyond on project details and have created a personalized REFORMA label that will be placed on each book. The label contains a message that was provided to us by our very own Lucía M. González, it reads like this: “Un libro es un compañero que te da luz y cobijo”. No press will be allowed during this visit, Border Patrol agents might be taking pictures of the event and will then share them with me. I will make sure to share my experience with all of you upon my return.

I wanted to take this opportunity to also note that we have a second ICE facility that we are working with to donate more books as part of the Children in Crisis project; in case anyone wants to continue to donate via the web page ( I invite you to continue visiting the web page and sharing it with others as we will be uploading recent information about our project.

I would like to thank all of you that have contributed monetarily, provided books, or devoted time and energy on this project. Patrick Sullivan and Oralia Garza de Cortes, Co-Chairs of this project, have done an excellent job leading the group and making sure things get done. I want to thank and recognize the following task force members for contacting book vendors, creating the web page, working on press releases, and those that have worked on the demanding details of the project.

  • Beatriz Guevara (Vice-President)
  • Oralia Garza de Cortes (Co-Chair)
  • Patrick Sullivan (Co-Chair)
  • Lara K Aase
  • Millie Gonzalez
  • Brenda Linares
  • Mari Martinez Serrano
  • Maria Estrella
  • Patrick Sullivan
  • Lucia Gonzalez
  • Elizabeth Garcia
  • Ricardo Ramirez.
  • Ady Huertas
  • Sandra Rios Balderrama
  • Isabel Espinal
  • Sonia Bautista
  • Kenny Garcia
  • David Lopez

Lastly, I would like to send a big THANK YOU to the REFORMA Colorado Chapter which had a $300 matching grant for their members' contributions to the Children in Crisis project, making Colorado one of the largest donors for this cause.

I am an overwhelmed with excitement and looking forward to represent REFORMA at this event.

Silvia Cisneros
REFORMA President 2014-2015